Photo Title: A Wedding Gone Wrong.

People usually don’t like me (or any photographer for that matter) taking their photos, unfortunately the feeling is mutual, I don’t like shooting people and prefer landscapes and architecture. But when I am in a situation where I am shooting people Id like to capture emotions and not only faces and that is usually a natural smile or a laugh which I have to tease out of my subject. Knowing that I try to challenge myself to shoot more people to improve my ability to capture those emotions. So when I decided to do a project to show emotions what did I chose as a theme? Yes you know it, its a bride being left on the altar (my close friends thinks Im sick).

For months I had this image in my head of a bride left on the altar with a face full of sorrow, and an out of focus shape of man in the background, but of course I can’t justify it to myself to spend money on hiring talents, makeup artist, hiring a wedding dress to do this image only, so I thought I will organise an actual wedding shoot (to have a wedding portfolio) and at the end of the day well do the main project, so after months of preparations from booking a church and hiring talents and make up artist, the wedding day is here. And simply everything that can go wrong DID ACTUALLY GO WRONG. Weather was horribly bad from very strong winds to torrential rain. So taking romantic shots by the nearby lake was a disaster and hair do and make up were ruined. When we gave up we went back to the church and for the first time in forever (and despite my communications and confirmations with them) the church was closed.

Forty five minutes and three thousand phone calls later, a lovely lady came and opened the church for us and we had less than an hour to shoot what I needed (happy wedding and sad wedding). The talents (Toni-Ann/Bride and Joel Hicks/Groom) were exceptionally talented, Toni-Ann was actually crying in this photo.

Geeky stuff: Camera was Nikon D3100 with a 35mm 1.8G Nikkor, ISO400, 1/60sec, f4, flash on half power on a shoot throw umbrella camera left.

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March 31, 2014

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Ack! What do you mean the bride was actually crying? Why? You can’t just say that. Was she an actress? Was the day really THAT bad already? Was it that good? Were they making onion soup? Hahahaha what was the deal?


When I asked the model “are you actually crying?” she said “it’s called method acting”


hahahaha, when I noticed Toni-Anne (Model) was sniffing/sniffling I asked her if she was actually crying then she replied “It’s called method acting”

Findlater Photography

I know I shouldn’t like this image due to the subject/story being portrayed (and I definitely wouldn’t suggest this to a bridal couple); but what a neat idea to create a moment and show emotion.


Thanks a million for the lovely feedback

I cant belive this Photo…


I very much appreciate any feedback i can get, be it positive or negative. Having said that, would you be kind enough and elaborate?


Sorry…. its amazing, i like it very much, thanks

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