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Today’s featured photo is by the talented Quinn Pratt.

early winter001

Getting the Shot

In my lifetime the town has nearly quadrupled in size and has transformed from a small agriculture and mining town to a regional cultural and educational center. Many of the small farms that were prevalent in the first half of the 20th century were starting to disappear. It has become somewhat of a personal project for me to document what remains of those old farms.
The farm house and truck is located only a half mile from where I live and caught my eye immediately. It is now located near one of the busiest intersection in town and has a 24hr convenience store on one side and an industrial business on the other which makes it difficult to get a good angle for a picture without including the surroundings. I have photographed on a number of occasions and I have the luxury of waiting for the right conditions for capturing just the right that I’m looking for. On the occasion of this photograph I was out shooting when the sky just went into these amazing colors so I stopped by to get this shot.

Post Process

In post, I added clarity to the sky and the house to bring out the textures. I also removed some unwanted elements such as a telephone pole and wires in Photoshop. On the left side it was impossible to exclude the business so I also replaced it with the mountain to give it the feeling of being alone, isolated and abandoned.
early winter001-2
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January 23, 2015

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