While he received no formal training in photography, Saul Leiter became known as a street photography icon and a color photography pioneer. His early work in the 1940s and 1950s became a key addition to what came to be the New York School of Photography.

Whether you’re totally new to Saul Leiter’s work or already somewhat familiar, the video above by UK-based Tatiana Hopper provides an interesting look into his craft. Known for painterly photos that, as Hopper describes, “transcend the medium itself become something else.” Leiter remains an inspiration for photographers who want to capture daily life in a more artistic way.

Aside from covering Leiter’s early years, methods and techniques, Hopper also shared some insights on a “big colorful secret” about his work. For those of us who also admire Leiter’s style and way of seeing the world, she also gave some tips on how to emulate his mindset and become more confident about our work.