If spring is yet to arrive and work its magic on the surrounding landscapes, you can take this time to prepare for a photoshoot. Doing some woodland photography is a perfect way to enjoy nature in bloom and get some beautiful snaps while you’re at it. If you need some ideas on how to get ready for a springtime shoot, we have just the material for you.

In the video above, North Yorkshire professional photographer Simon Baxter talks about how he prepares for springtime photography, particularly in the woodlands, which he specializes in. He says that at the heart of it is investing time to develop an intimate knowledge of the location you want to shoot in. 

With this in mind, part of his plan is to study his photos from previous shoots in the woodlands that he frequents. This he, said, gives him a sense of what he wants to achieve this year. What is worth revisiting, what areas are worth a quick look or what concepts or ideas he could perfect this time. Once he has made a selection of photos, he makes a map guided by the location of these photos to further help him build his plans. 

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