So, you already know your composition rules, the Exposure Triangle and even picked the genre you want to specialize in. What’s the next step to making sure you get great photos? Using powerful visual elements to create more impact in your photos. It’s not just about ending up with a photo that has something eye-catching in it. It’s more about creating it in such a way that the meaning or point in the shot is immediately seen and understood by the viewer.

In the video above, Alex Kilbee of The Photographic Eye breaks down the five most important visual elements you need to look for and have in your shot. He calls these the “power words” that will guide you into being more mindful about the imagery you are creating. Part of these is paying attention to lines and the mood they create, as well as the shapes they form. The shapes, in turn, help viewers identify the main subject of your image, and are most effective when they are separated from the background. Form, texture and color also play important parts in the impact of your image. Therefore, it’s important to have a good grasp of their strengths to help you become more proficient in the language of photography.

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