One of the things that landscape photographers must pay attention to is keeping their photos sharply focused from foreground to background. Aside from the creating a better sense of place, it makes viewing the photos a more immersive experience. If this is something you’re struggling a bit in your landscape photos, we think today’s featured tips will be of help to you.

In the video above by Nigel Danson, he takes us to Iceland where he talks about how he uses depth of field, apps and focus stacking. He uses these elements and techniques to make sure his photos are sharp from foreground to background. First, he talked about what affects the depth of field, which is important since it dictates how much of the scene you’ll get in focus. Next, he demonstrated how he uses PhotoPills app to determine which areas of the scene will be in focus based on the subject distance, the aperture and the focal length.

In case you’re curious about PhotoPills, Danson also showed a handful more sample shots which he composed with the help of the app. New to focus stacking to achieve sharply focused shots? He also threw in an example of when he would usually use this technique, again with the help of PhotoPills.

Need more nifty tips for nailing tack-sharp landscape photos? You can also head to the Photofocus Community landscape photography group to ask your fellow photographers for advice!