One of the popular topics that continue to circulate around film photography circles is overexposing to achieve certain effects. Some say there are instances where it’s a must, others caution against it. There are also tips circulating about how to overexpose using camera settings and developing techniques. It can get a bit confusing, especially for beginners.

If you’re new to film photography and you don’t have a definite answer yet, Canada-based Kyle McDougall should be able to help. In the video above, he talks about everything you need to know about overexposing film. These include reasons why more experienced film photographers advise against underexposure but say overexposure by a few stops is OK. He also mentions an important note that overexposing is generally only recommended for color negative films because they have better exposure latitude than slide film.

Of course, he also mentions the different ways that film photographers typically overexpose their film snaps. For good measure, he also addresses some of the cliches that are most commonly thrown around when it comes to this technique film. This should help beginners get a better understanding of what actually happens instead of just going for it for the supposed look.

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