Our friends over at B&H have some great deals on lighting kits and accessories, so you can get to work on your next portrait session or video interview! Check out all the deals below.

Impact 7′ Parabolic Umbrella (White/Black) with Light Stand Kit

Originally $158.82, on sale for $99.97

This 7-foot parabolic umbrella offers a broad light source that wraps light around your subject, yielding clean highlights and rich, open shadows. Instead of bendable metal, the 16 inner ribs are made of durable fiberglass. The fixed black backing ensures that all of the light output is on your subject, instead of through the umbrella. This set comes with a 9.5-foot heavy-duty aluminum light stand, FA-300HS Triple-Flash Hot Shoe Adapter Mount and Umbrella Bracket with Adjustable Shoe.

Genaray Full Moon 11″ and 18″ Bi-Color LED Light

Up to $204 off

Perfect for portraiture, interviews, beauty shots and more, the Full Moon Bi-Color LED Light packs up to 1280 LEDs into a fixture with variable color from 3200-5600K. Flicker-free light intensity is variable too, from 10-100 percent.

Genaray Torpedo Lights and Kits

Up to $759 off | Read our review

Torpedos ready! New focusing bi-color LED lights from Genaray

Perfect whether you’re in the studio or on-location, the Torpedo offers a dimmable light from 1-100%, and color adjustment from 3200-5600K, in 100K steps.

Impact Deluxe Varipole System

Up to $161 off

Conveniently support and swap out your seamless paper backgrounds up to nine feet in length.

Genaray 2-Light LED Interview Kit

Originally $2667.90, on sale for $1175.90

The kit includes two Radiance 5600K LED Monolights, each with a 36″ Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox. An Angler 40-degree fabric grid is also provided for each softbox to narrow the beam spread for selective lighting, while maintaining a soft quality of light.

Genaray 3-Light LED Interview Kit

Originally $4104.80, on sale for $1698.90

The kit includes three Radiance 5600K LED Monolights, and two 36″ Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softboxes, each with an Angler 40-degree fabric grid to narrow the beam spread for selective lighting, while maintaining a soft quality of light. A third soft box is included — a 48″ Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox, while an Impact 86″ steel boom arm is included to elevate one of the lights overhead.