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Hollywood Portraits Remastered ~ Pictures and Technique
DSLR Video, Terry White, and Matt Kloskowski — Photofocus Podcast 10/5/13

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Taking Group Photos With Your 50mm Lens (5 Keys To Nailing The Shot) - youtube

How to nail group photos with a 50mm lens

When we speak of versatile focal lengths, 50mm lenses are among the top choices. A favorite of many portrait and street photographers, the focal length is flattering for capturing both scenes and people. Still, since we’re talking about versatility, it’s

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This week in the Photofocus Community: Oct. 10-16, 2021

The Photofocus Community has been continuing to grow. With that comes interesting engagement and conversations. Questions and answers. There are daily themes, weekly challenges and, of course, images shared. This week in the community, we had a couple of interesting

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On Photography: Kali Archibald, 1932-2019

On Photography: Kali Archibald, 1932-2019

“The best photographers, the best artists do it alone.” -Kali Archibald ” Kali is the name that Joan Marie Archibald took for herself in 1962. It came after she had divorced her musician husband Bob Archibald and made a cross-country

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How to use on-camera flash for events

Using an on-camera flash at an indoor event is probably the simplest way to make pictures of small groups look their best. At weddings, parties and fundraisers, friends and families are together for a short time and they are surprisingly

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