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The Photofocus Holiday Gift Guide

If you have a photographer in your family, or if your significant other is a photographer then in many ways, you have it made when it comes to holiday gifts.

Photography Mysteries: Cycling Lights

Did you know that the power in your home, office, and high school gym turns on and off dozens of times every second? This causes some problems when you want

Using a Backlight to Improve Your Subject

This tutorial explores the role of back light in a three-point lighting setup. This light can be essential as it helps create separation between your subject and the background. This

Working with the Key Light

The main light for a video light setup is called the key light. Learning its role in a three-point lighting setup is essential for getting a proper look to interviews.

Using Battery Powered Lights

Lighting options that don’t require electric power cords are always welcome. In this tutorial I’ll explore some benefits and workflows when using battery-powered lights on a video set. These constant

Diffusing Lights for Video Interviews

By diffusing light you can decrease its intensity, but still keep its quality. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to diffuse light for video interview shoots. I’m joined by

Essential Gear for Recording Video Interviews

Solid interviews are the foundation for a successful video project. Its important that you capture the voice and the passion for the story you’re trying to tell. I’ve recently completed

Subtle Compositing for Film Workflows

While you expect visual effects in a SciFi movie, the fact is the practice has made it to just about every film released. What you know about Photoshop is often

Film Noir Portraits ~ Pictures and techniques

Just for fun… In my last post I showed my Hollywood portrait lighting style using just hard light from fresnel spotlights. The post before that featured two point lighting on

DSLR Video, Terry White, and Matt Kloskowski — Photofocus Podcast 10/5/13

This week’s show is a triple feature… we tackle three areas of the photo industry that are hot topics. First up, Scott Bourne interviews Rich Harrington about how to get started in DSLR video. Rich Harrington then takes the microphone and talks to Terry White from Adobe about changes at Adobe as well as Terry’s photography. Our third segment, Melissa Niu interviews Matt Kloskowski of Kelby Training to find out about how the photo industry is evolving.

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