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GoPro Hero3 Black Edition UnBoxing

Join Scott and Rich for the unboxing of a GoPro Hero3 Black edition camera. Learn what’s in the box, but more importantly how to get it out of the box.

Pro HDR for iPhone and iPod Touch

Why have HDR on an iPhone? Because you can! Sometimes an iPhone is the only camera I have on me, and I want the ability to go a little deeper.

F-Stop: Tilopa Backcountry Photo Bag

Guest Post and Photos by The F-Stop Tilopa Backcountry bag is built for photographers who want to keep their gear safe while they hike. The bags extensive features easily match

Santa Fe Workshops Review

Guest post and photo by: If you have been in the photography industry for any length of time, you know there are an excessive number of photography-related workshops available to

Picture Show by Graf – Mini Review

Guest Post and Images by Stacy Pearsall Picture Show by Graf – Application for Your i-Phone On July 12, 2010, Graf created a great photography application, Picture Show. As soon

Lensbaby – Fisheye and Soft-Focus Optic Review

Guest Post by The Lensbaby Composer is a selective-focus lens available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Olympus. It features an Optic Swap System, allowing you to change to options

Cotton Carrier Review

Guest post by: —- The Cotton Carrier is a nifty strap system allowing photographers and videographers to secure their camera bodies to their chest and waist. Its quick-release system makes

X-Rite Color Checker Passport Mini Review

Guest Post & Photo by Ara Roselani X-Rite ColorChecker Passport is a pocket-sized plastic case with “target” panels for white balance, color correction and warming/cooling. The accompanying software has an

Mini Review of the Spyder3 Express

the SPYDER3EXPRESS Guest post by Ara Roselani I work on three different monitors when editing photosone at home and two in my office. Before I found a calibration system, it

Manfrotto ModoPocket Mini-Tripod Review

(Photo is copyright Rich Legg – All Rights Reserved) EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re proud to offer another guest post by Salt Lake City-based professional photographer Rich Legg. When it comes to

First Look at the iPhone 3GS Camera

Photos and post by Andy Ihnatko EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see Andy’s entire iPhone 3GS Flickr set here. Apple let me have an iPhone 3G S a week and a

Collage Lite Review

Guest Post by Liana Lehua Collage Lite – Cost: $0.99 Developer: John Moffett Lite features: Up to 4 photos in a collage at a time. The full version of Collage

Camera Hand Straps

Guest Post – Photos & Text by Quin Barrie I’ve never been a fan of conventional camera straps, particularly the ‘garottes’ camera manufacturers include with their cameras. Aside from being