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Camera Hand Straps
Photographing children
Nighttime Photography – Shuttle & International Space Station
Photography Projects for Rainy Days – TWIP
Light Painting
Backing Up & Moving Photos On Windows Machines

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Light Painting

(NOTE: This is a special post contributed by guest poster Lisa Bettany.) Even if you are not familiar with the term light painting, you’ve probably already experimented with it. Have you ever swirled your camera around the twinkling lights on

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Michael Hutcinson is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hutchinson

Category: Portrait Photographer: Michael Hutchinson Photo: “Selfie” A portrait in a portrait is a great example of a candid portrait! I love the way our photographer of the day has used the sunlight to draw attention to the artist’s caricature

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Architecture | Photographer: Jeff GoldbergCurator: Steven Inglima

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Goldberg

Category: Architecture Photographer: Jeff Goldberg Photo: “Light Court Colors (The Rookery)” Architecture meets photography meets design meets geometry. A wide-angle view makes of a strong open interior design makes for an engaging photograph! Originally shared with the Photofocus Readers Flickr

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Levi Sim-8

Trust your camera to a Db Backpack

Camera bags come in all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of places. This is the first one I’ve handled, however, that I’m embarrassed to name. The Norwegian manufacturer is called Douchebags, but I’m going to abbreviate it as

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And the Photofocus Photographer of the Week is...

Photographer of the Week: July 1-5, 2019

Every weekday, Photofocus curators share a great photograph taken by one of our readers. Every month we highlight photographs in the genres of architecture, portrait, outdoor, street and a flex category that changes each month. In July, we’re celebrating our

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Sunday Comics on Photofocus. Photo by Joe Cicarelli on

Sunday Comics: On the wall art…

Sunday Comics brings a little humor to the end of your weekend, just in time for Monday! As photographers, we’ve all been there and experienced those head-shaking moments. Thanks for this week’s humor and thought experiment to the Shoppe Designs.

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On Photography on, the photography of Francesco Scavullo.

On Photography: Francesco Scavullo, 1921-2004

“Something in my head gets turned on by seeing a woman’s looks really come together with the right makeup, the right hairstyle, the right clothes… it’s exciting to see a woman metamorphosed into something extraordinary… But what gives me the

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