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How to underexpose dark scenes for proper exposure
My go-to lenses for awe-inspiring portraits
Last chance: Get your photo on a billboard with Pixels!
Light painting 101: Three steps to creating long shadows at an abandoned waterpark entrance
Five sharp and affordable Fujifilm primes you should swipe right on
How to get creative with a zoom lens
Portrait Tips: The simplest way to get a great background anywhere
Compact and versatile, these lenses make travel photography easy!
A simple, quick off-camera light solution when you’re on-the-go
Three easy ways to use the Rule of Thirds
There’s more to a silhouette than exposure
Photofocus Road Trip: The Daintree, from the rainforest to the reef

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Tamron 200mm lens

How to get creative with a zoom lens

Often most people tend to think of shooting things at a distance with their zoom lens, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here is how to get creative with your zoom lens. Get in close There is nothing

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Three easy ways to use the Rule of Thirds

You’ve probably heard of the Rule of Thirds — I learned about it in middle school art classes, and art history in college. It’s a terrific tool for guiding composition in your pictures. Formulaic use of the Rule of Thirds

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Are you going on a croc hunt?

Are you planning to go on a crocodile hunt? Chances are you may not be, but I recently did. Let me tell you — the Australian Salt Water Crocodile is a beautiful, eerie and highly dangerous creature. So if you’re

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Nikon unveils ultracompact 40mm f/2 prime for Z mount

Overnight, Nikon announced the new NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2, a compact yet capable FX-format prime lens that provides fantastic image quality, fast aperture, a practical field of view and extraordinary bokeh for everyday image and video capture. Affordable, portable and

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On Photography: Richard Drew, 1946-present

On Photography: Richard Drew, 1946-Present

“That you can be two hours early, but you can’t be a 60th-of-a-second late. In other words, if you’re not there when it happens, you can’t take a picture of it.” -Richard Drew 20 years ago today, Associated Press photographer

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