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Be prepared to be spontaneous
Photofocus Road Trip: Exploring surreal & ancient landscapes in the Australian Outback
Photography 101: The difference between fixed and variable aperture
Death Valley, Artists Palette and wind
Two competing forces in high school senior portraiture
What to pack for your next road trip, or what’s in my kit
I chose RAW in my camera … why is it capturing a different format?
Are you ready for great photo deals with Amazon Prime Day?
Are you a chimper? Here’s some tips to stop
Looking for Father’s Day gifts for the photographer in your life?
Wide-angle lenses benefits for action photography
Photofocus Road Trip: “Almost Heaven,” West Virginia

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Death Valley, Artists Palette and wind

Death Valley is a place of extremes. One of the extremes I experienced on this trip was wind. The National Park Service states that this is common in the spring and, oh yeah, I can confirm. The hope was to

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Exposure beyond the camera manual

You reviewed the camera manual and completed an online tutorial. You did everything you thought you were supposed to do. And yet, your photographs have not exposed the way you want them to be. When I was a new photographer,

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Adding a human element to your landscapes

It’s kind of funny that as a portrait photographer, I rarely have people in my landscape photos. Some part of my brain likes to keep them separated I guess. But I recently decided that this isn’t always the best idea,

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Three ways to direct light for food photography

When photographing food, the direction of your light is very important. Certain angles will help shape the scene and can also be the difference between a successful image, and one that is just “meh.” In this article, I will be

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Securing your photos with cloud backup

Throughout my photographic career, I’ve tried several backup solutions both on-site and in the cloud. Having lost some photographs in the past, it was important for me to get a system I could count on to not only back up

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Sony announces new Airpeak S1 drone

Tonight, Sony announced the world’s smallest professional drone — the Airpeak S1. Marking Sony’s foray into the drone market, the Airpeak S1 can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless Alpha camera, and boasts high speed and stable flight performance. The

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Set up then shoot Levi Sim-1

Portrait Tips: Slow down, set up, shoot

It seems like you’re always under pressure to make pictures quickly. If it’s newborns, it’s hurry up before she wakes up. At weddings, it’s hurry up because the bride was three hours late. With families, it’s hurry up because Dad

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Get a free print and frame for Dad from Xpozer

It’s almost Father’s Day. And while there are a ton of different opportunities to celebrate Dad this year, there’s a great deal from our friends at Xpozer that you have to check out! From now through June 20, 2021, your

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