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Five luxurious mirrorless cameras that will make you swoon
How to photograph still life with studio strobes
Five weird lenses that will give you spectacular results
Are you a specialist, or a generalist in your photography?
Everyday experiments: Getting creative with the iPhone 12
How to use the Astrotracer on the Pentax K-1 cameras
My favorite apertures for capturing portraits
Fujifilm’s new GFX 50S II costs just $3999, and more
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Portrait Tips: Two tips to help normal people look great
Five versatile wide-angle zooms that multiple genres of photography love

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How To: Astrotracer on the Pentax K1 - youtube

How to use the Astrotracer on the Pentax K-1 cameras

The Pentax K-1 has a built-in Astrotracer. This enables you to stars utilizing GPS data to shift its sensor during longer exposures, allowing you to shoot longer exposures without star trailing while reducing noise and increasing details. The Astrotracer does much

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My favorite apertures for capturing portraits

I recently wrote a post on what my favorite lenses for shooting portraits are, so I thought I might expand on that a little and discuss my favorite apertures. Obviously, everyone is different and has different tastes and requirements. Even

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My go-to lenses for awe-inspiring portraits

If you have been photographing long enough, invariably everyone seems to ask what gear you use. I still believe that it’s the craft that is important, but there are always a few things that really make an image stand out.

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Last chance: Get your photo on a billboard with Pixels!

Pixels has announced a new online contest seeking artwork from independent photographers and other artists, to be used in the company’s upcoming billboard advertising campaign. The contest, which is free to join, is open to artists across the world. “We’ve

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Glenn Smith: Nature and wildlife photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Glenn Smith. Glenn is a photographer based in Southwest Sydney Australia. He mainly photographs nature and wildlife within the Australian Botanic Gardens at Mount Annan. Haven’t joined the Photofocus Community yet? Sign

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Five Adobe MAX video and digital sessions for you

Get ready to enhance your creativity and efficiency at the upcoming Adobe MAX conference. For those of you interested in video production and digital media, this free virtual conference has numerous sessions for you. Here are five sessions you don’t

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The Canon EOS R3 Has Arrived - youtube

Canon announces the EOS R3 mirrorless camera

Building on the success of the EOS R camera series, Canon has announced the next leap forward in full-frame mirrorless cameras — the professional-grade Canon EOS R3. The new camera leverages the advancements in technology that Canon has developed since

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