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How to Sort Your Images Using the iPad

NOTE: This is a guest post by Ray Carcases – UPDATE: According to this link you can indeed sort iPad images if you use Windows. Warning: This post is

Seven Tips for Winning Photo Contests

Guest Post & Photo by You can use two different approaches for entering photo contents: One method is to submit your favorite picture and you might even win but the

Tips on Photographing Babies

Guest Post and Images by I love little babies, but photographing them can be challenging. As you know, I love a challenge. My solution starts with my camera and lighting

Food Photography: No Styling vs. Styling

Guest Post and photo by Styling is something that can really make a big difference in your food images. Heck, its so important in the industry that some people make

Landscape Photography Made Easier

Guest Post & Photo by When I was a student at the Maryland Institute, College of Art I attended a class on color and my first assignment was landscape photography.

Picture Show by Graf – Mini Review

Guest Post and Images by Stacy Pearsall Picture Show by Graf – Application for Your i-Phone On July 12, 2010, Graf created a great photography application, Picture Show. As soon

Food Photography: Finding Triangles

In food photography, and photography in general, a good fundamental tip on composition is to create or find triangles in your images. Triangles keep the viewers eyes on the photo,

How to Help Avoid Memory Card Data Loss – Part I

Post by Andrew Darlow Due to the growing popularity of digital cameras, removable memory cards have become our “new film.” Some popular types of memory cards include SD/SDHC (Secure Digital),

Digital IR Photography With Filters

Editor’s Note: Joe Farace is a photographer’s photographer. He, like me, has been around the block a few times. He’s an amazing writer with more than 30 books to his

Getting Perfect White Balance with Food Photography

One of the most common challenges I have seen many new food photographers struggle with is getting proper white balance (colors) and also exposure (tones/brightness/contrast) in their food images. When

Simple Light for Location Portaits

Guest Post and Images by Stacy L. Pearsall EDITOR’S NOTE: I will be teaching a workshop with Stacy on location in South Carolina. She’s simply one of the best photographers I’ve

Fill Light Simplified Part II

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey In my last post, I explained why using a fill light, or a reflective light source, is so important for my style of photography. I

Fill Light Simplified Part I

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey Everyone has a different style of shooting, which often means a different look they go for when evaluating how to best light their subject. Personally,

The Power of the Personal Photo Project

Guest Post By Stacy Pearsall From early on in my shooting career, I was told to always have a personal project that I was passionate about. My mentor encouraged me

Finding Photographic Inspiration

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey A tried and true tip on how to gain inspiration in your work is to look around at imagery that inspires you and think about