Lighting up a barn with Lume Cubes

If you follow Olympus Visionary Jamie MacDonald, you might be familiar with “the barn.” Located in Eaton Rapids, MI, this barn is on private property, but Jamie has permission and

Using diffusers or silks to soften light

Sometimes having too much light is just as bad as not having enough light. This LinkedIn Learning video will show you how to use a diffuser or silk to soften harsh light to produce a pleasing image.

Clamshell Lighting using two reflectors setup

How to achieve clamshell lighting on location using natural light

Clamshell lighting produces a soft glamour style with minimal shadows, making it popular for beauty portraits. Setup is simple: Resembling a clamshell, place one light tilted high, just above the subject’s eye line, and a second just below, tilted with the subject in the middle. Normally used in a studio environment, here’s how to achieve clamshell lighting on location using natural light.

Ring Light in Photography

3 ways to use a ring light in photography

At first glance, it might appear as though a ring light has only one purpose in photography. But really, you can think outside the circle (pun intended) to use a

Creative lighting with Lume Cubes

Now that my Lume Cube Photographer’s Pack was unboxed, it was time for me to go in the field and give it a try! I got out from my comfort zone

Four ways to photograph a white background

Editor’s Note: We welcome Scott Wyden Kivowitz to the Photofocus team. Scott is a father and photographer whose dedication to teaching photographers comes through in a straightforward and no fluff style.

How to photograph in direct sunlight

Shooting in direct sunlight can be challenging. It can cause harsh shadows, blown out highlights, uneven light on faces, and dark patches under the eyes that look great on a