Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ritxy Photo: “Untitled” While normally a panorama — especially one where horizon lines are distorted — is not the ideal form of architectural photography, this magical view

Photographer of the Day: jordaneil

Category: Freedom Photographer: jordaneil Photo: “freedom” Protests can be filled with a range of emotions. But this capture I absolutely love, as it touches the past (being taken in 2007) and

Photographer of the Day: Rex Mandel

Category: Street Photographer: Rex Mandel Photo: “Union Square – San Francisco, CA” Rex Mandel, I tip my hat to you. This is one of the most unique street Photography of

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Photographer of the Day: Natasha Jelezkina

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Natasha Jelezkina Photo: “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success. – James Cameron” Ah, spring in the city.

Photofocus Photographer of the Day kudos to Jeff Goldberg with "Looking Glass (3)"

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Goldberg

Category: Portrait Photographer: Jeff Goldberg Photo: “Looking Glass (3)” This portrait from Jeff Goldberg earns him POTD kudos for its striking content. The multiple mirrors give us different portraits all

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “doubles perspective” Frequent Architectural photographer of the day Rudy Pilarsky hits another home run with a solid engaging view of a powerful arched intersection.

Photographer of the Day: Lauri Novak

Category: Freedom Photographer: Lauri Novak Photo: “Long May She Wave Comp” Aah, the red, white and blue. It defines a country so much, and this capture by Lauri shows the flag

Photographer of the Day: Sergio Del Pesco

Category: Street Photographer: Sergio Del Pesco Photo: “unknown” I saw this image by Sergio Del Pesco and thought, I love that he chooses to tell their story with them not

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Edouard Ketterer

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Edouard Ketterer Photo: “Vulcano!!!” The feeling of isolation in this image is almost overwhelming. So many contrasts throughout also make this quite interesting. Man vs. nature, the softness of

Michael Hutcinson is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with "Selfie."

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hutchinson

Category: Portrait Photographer: Michael Hutchinson Photo: “Selfie” A portrait in a portrait is a great example of a candid portrait! I love the way our photographer of the day has

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Goldberg

Category: Architecture Photographer: Jeff Goldberg Photo: “Light Court Colors (The Rookery)” Architecture meets photography meets design meets geometry. A wide-angle view makes of a strong open interior design makes for

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hoffman

Category: Freedom Photographer: Michael Hoffman Photo: “Happy Fourth of July!” There’s nothing that says freedom truly like a huge fireworks show. This show, captured last year by Michael, is in the

Photographer of the Day: Paulo Moreira

Category: Street Photographer: Paulo Moreira Photo: “Leica CM” I absolutely love that film is making its way back into photography. I started in film in high school and so it

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Bert de Bruin

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Bert de Bruin Photo: “Naamloos (1 van 1)-8” This image really caught my eye as I was scrolling through the group images. The composition is perfect and the light

Photofocus Photographer of the Day is Robertino Radovix with "Kirghizi."

Photographer of the Day: Robertino Radovix

Category: Portrait Photographer: Robertino Radovix Photo: “Kirghizi” A great face — a child’s face — with an old soul expression makes this portrait so very powerful. The single light paints

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Category: Architecture Photographer: Christian Meermann Photo: “Tempodrom #5” While as architectural images go, this is about as minimal as it gets! While it’s nearly impossible to determine the building involved

Photographer of the Day: Mark Fletcher

Category: Sports Photographer: Mark Fletcher Photo: “Sarfraz Ahmed – England vs Pakistan 19th May 2019” Mark’s photograph of a cricket match is perfect for showcasing the sport. You can see the

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Category: Street Photographer: Johann Walter Bantz Photo: “Europe depuis l’Euro, Rome, Italie 2019” This beautiful black and white image by Johann Walter Bantz titled “Europe depuis l’Euro, Rome, Italy 2019”

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Bernard Spragg

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Bernard Spragg Photo: “Fields of Gold. Canola” Gorgeous shot of canola fields. Beautiful, bright color and love that he left that little curve of grass in the upper right.

Photographer of the Day is portraitist fiore_lla4ever with Profili

Photographer of the Day: fiore_lla4ever

Category: Portrait Photographer: fiore_lla4ever Photo: “Profili” A portrait photographed in profile is always a strong statement. When it is the front image of a group dressed in the same colors,

Photographer of the Day: Ria Trouw

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ria Trouw Photo: “Treppe von unten” This is such an elegant staircase abstract! What really makes the image a standout is the surprising organic deviation from the