Rediscovering a lens that I already owned

When packing for trips, I find myself seesawing between my Fuji X system and Nikon DSLRs. We do underwater, street, nature and landscape photography. Do I pack the Fuji X-Pro2,

A Lesson I Learned About Seeing Opportunities

(Vanelli’s note: Michèle Grenier, a talented sports photographer based out of Quebec City, Canada, needed 75 hours of mentoring before she could complete her degree in photography. After meeting her

4 Good Reasons You Should Attend WPPI

The chances are that you haven’t ever attended a photography tradeshow, and I think you’re missing out on several good opportunities. I think this is my 9th WPPI, and I

Is Baiting Wild Birds For Photography Ethical?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Cathy Seaver, a commercial photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She works primarily for Cull Group shooting product, corporate headshots, and other client

Be honest and upfront on your work

If you don’t know how to shoot something, don’t do it and expect to be paid. Be honest and upfront.  Okay, there’s more to it of course. If you want

QOTW: How Big Is Your Photo Library?

With Adobe’s decision to make Lightroom CC cloud-based (and to require that ALL your photos go to the Cloud) we wanted to check how big your photo library is.  Please

QOTW: How many lenses do you shoot with?

image by monticellllo and Adobe Stock We’d like to know more about you and your photography habits.  This helps us better create content to help you. We’d like to know how many

QOTW: How Much Time Editing?

image by dusanpetkovic1 and Adobe Stock It’s that time…  where we get to know our Photofocus readers a bit better.  This helps us create better content for you. When it comes time

A Photographer’s Take On iPhone X And iPhone 8

Apple has done it again: they’ve created new phones with significantly different features and some of the changes include new cameras and software cheats for “better” pictures. I’ve watched the

QOTW: Which Brand Camera Will You Buy Next?

image by ARTYuSTUDIO and Adobe Stock It’s time for our Question of the Week.  We’d like to know which camera manufacturer has caught your eye or kept your loyalty.