Why Edit Video in Adobe Photoshop?

When Adobe unveiled the robust video editing capabilities with Photoshop CS6, the response from many was a simple Why? In some regards this is a legitimate question as for most,

Women – The New Generation of Photographers

Guest Post by Lara Matthews A glance through any art history book will show the introduction of female photographers to the mainstream art world first happened mostly during the Photo-Secession

Playing Fair In Business

Creative professionals are facing a wealth of problems when it comes to pricing. I have found that many are running a race to the bottom. Gear keeps getting cheaper, which

The Drobo 5N – Mini Review

DISCLAIMER: Drobo sponsors the Photofocus podcast. This review was not purchased and is independent of our arrangement to promote Drobo products. The folks over at Drobo have been on a

The Impact of Smartphone Cameras

While much justifiable criticism has been levied against the evolution of cellphone cameras, there is a tremendous beneficiary journalism. We know have a literal global network of camera operators with

Making Photography Fun Again

For most of us, we got into photography because it was fun. Sure the prospect of making a living off something we enjoyed was exciting; it was a dream job.

A Special Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Listen to Guy Kawasaki share practical advice for those looking to get into digital publishing. Guy has had tremendous success as Apple former chief evangelist and as a best-selling author.

Photofocus Podcast August 5, 2012

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Guest Post & Photo by Stephan Bollinger Circle Stephan on Google+ Two weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the “Positive Body Image” awards by the Australian government, and