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Music Copyrights for Photographers

We live in an ultra connected world where the amount of media seemingly free for the taking is virtually unlimited. This is not a rant on stealing, fair use or

Ideas for Stock Photography (Humor)

As many of you wind down for a few days off for the holidays, let us present you with a frivolous moment. While the “advice” given here probably won’t help

Explaining Film to Kids

I was having just this conversation the other day. I think this video captures the experience of shooting film with zero snark and just a touch of nostalgia. It seems

Fifty Years Ago today…

During a walk on an early October evening in 2006; I came across this gentleman taking a picture with his phone of the building in the background. If you are

Improve Your Photography through Editing

This is a guest post by Stephan Bollinger – Follow him on G+: It’s not easy to select the best (most impactful, appealing, selling, effective) images for your

John Keatley – Photographer of the Week

Many know him as a conceptual celebrity portrait artist. And others probably know him as one of the few photographers to ever take a portrait of highly esteemed photographer, Annie

What’s New in Aperture 3.5? Not Enough.

Warning: This article is both news and opinion. I report on what’s changed, and comment on the improvements made to Aperture. Apple quietly released an Aperture update. Before you get

Your Slice of the Pie

When I started doing stock photography, one thing I struggled with was whether or not to photograph something that had already been covered. With food photography, theres a good chance

In Defense of the Cloud (Adobe and Others)

This article is a guest post from Gerard Murphy or Mosaic.  His company uses the Cloud to provide services to Lightroom users. The Adobe naysayers have been working overtime lately.

Is it Okay to Buy Used Lenses?

As I build out my camera kit, I find myself wanting to expand my options. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using used lenses. With a few caveats… Buy them