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Mobile Mondays: Finding your way outdoors with ViewRanger
Mobile Mondays: Finding and tracking locations with Google Maps
Mobile Mondays: Get better audio from your phone with the Rode smartLav+ mic
The trick to getting great phone photos at night with Lightroom Mobile
Mobile Mondays: My favorite apps for night (or day) photography
Mobile Mondays: Are you backing up your mobile device images?
Mobile Mondays: Using the display options in Lightroom Mobile
How to install and use presets with Lightroom Mobile
Mobile Mondays: The amazing app for clouds and weather, day or night
Monday Mondays: Animate your photos on-the-go with the Plotaverse mobile app
Using Samsung’s Live Focus phone camera for family photos
Mobile Mondays: How to scout a location

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Mobile Mondays: How to scout a location

When you are planning for a photo or video project, do you wish you had an app that could help you with anything from location scouting to sun placement? There are a multitude of iOS and Android apps that do

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WMS Boathouse at Clark Park - Chicago, IL

Photographing architecture in winter

As a commercial architectural photographer, most of my clients want images shot in great weather conditions: Blue skies, maybe a few clouds, green grass, leaves on the trees, etc. Living in Toronto, it means I can photograph exteriors from approximately

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I Flew 2900km To Photograph COMET LEONARD! (Last Chance!) - youtube

Comet Leonard: Did you catch the Christmas Comet?

It’s been over a year since Gregory Leonard accidentally discovered Comet Leonard using the Catalina Sky Survey’s 1.5 meter telescope. It was easily the most anticipated object in the night sky for pretty much the entire month of December 2021.

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Skylum releases Luminar Share for mobile devices

This morning, Skylum released Luminar Share for smartphones and tablets, allowing users to transfer photos to and from their devices to Luminar Neo. This makes it easy to share edited photos on social media, or import photos from your phone’s

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How to pose in front of street art

Thanks to Instagram, many of us have rediscovered the urban art scene, not just for viewing, but as a backdrop for our social media photos. However, there’s an art to the art, posing wise, and some things to consider before

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