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This vs. This

Image and Post by Recently, I got a call from a well-known photographer who said, I don’t feel like a photographer any more. I spend all my time tweeting, blogging,

Look for Pictures Within A Picture

Image and Post by Rick Sammon Heres a fun and creative exercise: Look for pictures within a picture. I took the top picture of my son, Marco, at the Goodfellas

Photography: Escape From Reality

Image and Post by The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. Rabindranath Tagore Although I think Escape From Reality would be a great name for a

A Crash Course in Glamour Photography

A Crash Course in Glamour Photograph Guest Post & Photo by What do I need? How much will it cost? Why are models so expensive? Do girls hate me? Those

It’s Not Easy Having Fun

Image and Post by At a recent seminar, a woman asked my advice: “I am going on a trip and I am trying to decide on what photo gear to

Rick Quick Tip: See Eye to Eye

Image and Post by See Eye to Eye When it comes to photographing people, I almost always try to see-eye-to eye shooting at the subject’s eye level. At that level,

Basic Stitched Panorama Guidelines & Workflow

Guest Post & Photos by Hal Schmitt The stitched panorama is an excellent tool to have at your disposal for several reasons. Whether you need to boost megapixels or

Angle Matters

The overall composition of a photograph can make-or-break an image. There is a lot to think about before you click the shutter release, and one of these things is whether

Demolition Derby For Photography Doldrums

Many photographers tend to find themselves photographing the same subjects over and over. This is definitely not a bad thing, since finding a niche and being good at it is

Portraits – Good Expression

When you are photographing people one of the most important things you will want to capture is their expression. The last thing people want to see is something that looks

Food Photography

One thing that I really like to photograph is food. It combines two things I love to do – take photos and cook! Here are some things to keep in

No Upgrade – No Problem

I am a full-time photographer and camera gear is very important to me. I obviously need a camera, lens, and a few other accessories to successfully take a photo, but

Dragging The Shutter

The image above was photographed with a Nikon P5100, ISO 800, 1/15th @ f/2.7. I have never been a fan of on-camera flash as the main light-source for a photograph,

Wedding Photography: The Woman’s Touch

Post by Rick Sammon – Here in an excerpt from my recent book, Digital Wedding Photography Secrets, which was illustrated by my friend Stephanie Smith of 831 Photography ( The

Painting with Light

Photo and post by Rick Sammon Here’s a technique called “painting with light.” It is fun and easy and creative! It can turn a boring shot taken with a flash

Toilet Seats, Photography and SEO

Post by Allen Murabayashi Editor’s Note: I have been very impressed by the research that PhotoShelter has done on photographer’s websites and SEO. Few if any companies are providing this