Master Photo Retouching with Kristi Sherk

One of the best photo retouchers in the business is Kristina Sherk. In this video, Kristi shares her portrait retouching workflow with Lightroom and Perfectly Clear. We’re excited to have world-class

Five tips for adding textures to your photos

The term “texture” is a catch-all term for adding either abstract images, detailed photos, or patterns of different surfaces, like metal, cracked paint, sand, etc. as an overlay on your image. This is a type of “compositing”, combining multiple images into one finished work. Adding textures to your images can change the mood, create special effects, strengthen the composition, or help better tell a story.  These five concepts will help you add textures more easily, realistically, and quickly in Adobe Photoshop

How to create an action portrait in an alley

Check out the newest addition to the “How to create series” teaching how to create an action portrait in an alley. The how to create series is a combination of How I Got the Shot and instructions on how you can recreate the same look.