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Photographer of the Week

Seth Casteel – Photographer of the Week

It’s pet photography with an absolute twist that makes me want to stand and applaud this artist’s originality. It’s not your average photograph of fetch or the same old posing

Rena Durham – Photographer of the Week

I’m going to have to warn you. If you have a teenage daughter, chances are she might squeal as she reads this post over your shoulder. Today’s featured post is

Lee Jeffries – Photographer of the Week

Some say they can spot his work and his brand of photography and processing a mile away. His work is fantastically unique and has the photography industry and world wide

Adrian Sommeling – Photographer of the Week

He’s a gifted conceptual photographer and a father that beautifully and creatively integrates both of those aspects of his life into his photography concepts. His art is imaginative and his

John Keatley – Photographer of the Week

Many know him as a conceptual celebrity portrait artist. And others probably know him as one of the few photographers to ever take a portrait of highly esteemed photographer, Annie

Clyde Butcher – Photographer of the Week

In a technically driven world with advanced digital cameras and pixels, it’s very unique to find an artist who dwells solely in the analog medium. Yes, there are many that

Zhang Jingna – Photographer of the Week

Watch out folks, this girl can shoot. Literally. Originally from China, this talented artist was a national record holder for the women’s air rifle team in Singapore at the young

Dusan Beno – Photographer of the Week

Never before have I thought that a house fly could be so beautiful or that a spider’s fur had a soft side. This photographer’s macro photography of everyday bugs has

Serena Hodson – Photographer of the Week

We’ve all seen those adorable children photographers that dress up their subjects in hats and costumes and put them in fun yet highly trendy and somewhat overdone props. Although the