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Photographer of the Week

Eric Paré | Photographer of the Week

Eric Par saw a medium and turned it on its head: light painting. Par’s portraiture is made truly original through the inventive use of light painting and bullet time. His

John Schell | Photographer of the Week

If you look at John Schell’s work, you might think to yourself “surfer” or “skater.” If you do, then you’re pretty much hitting the nail on the head. “Growing up

John Ganun | Photographer of the Week

Some projects speak louder to us as photographers than others. They may not be our first or our last, but at a certain point in our lives, they define us.

Noam Galai | Photographer of the Week

Noam Galai’s story is a wild one, and quite simply the most unique among any active photographer. How can I make such a blanket statement? Because in addition to being

Rebecca Britt | Photographer of the Week

Rebecca Britt embodies almost everything that could fall under the designation “commercial photographer.” She’s one of the big names in EDM concert photography, she excels in studio headshot portraiture, tackles

Michael Woloszynowicz | Photographer of the Week

Michael Woloszynowicz, like many of the other talented photographers out there, started with humble beginnings, honing his craft and developing a personal style. Portraiture started out with basic tools like

Jennifer Hudson Thoreson| Photographer of the Week

Jennifer Hudson’s photography mixes fantasy and reality in a enrapturing and compelling manner. Her photos are full of metaphor, yearning for minutes of contemplation each. She mixes the human element

Chris Lambeth | Photographer of the Week

If you want to feel joy, feel alive and see images that exude some real emotion, you will love the work of Chris Lambeth. “I really like the bright, happy,

Sarah Allegra | Photographer of the Week

For Sarah Allegra, photography might not have been her first calling, but art has always been in her life. Drawing, painting, writing, jewelry making, creating stuffed animals from patterns she

Michael Kelley | Photographer of the Week

Michael Kelley didn’t graduate from a photo school, didn’t take photo classes and if you met him right out of college, he would have told you he was going to

Dixie Dixon | Photographer of the Week

She was given her first camera at just 12 years old, which piqued her curiosity in the field and served as her sidekick in exploring the world. She would continually

Renee Robyn | Photographer of the Week

Her life was altered from a horrifying and near life-taking motorcycle accident. As she lay bed ridden, she craved travel and the outside world but because of her condition was

Mike Corrado | Photographer of the Week

He’s a photographer, an educator and one of the most kind and passionate individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with. Not only does he represent a rather popular camera

Benjamin Edwards: Photographer of the Week

This photographer is a beautifully talented wedding photographer but his talent lies much deeper than that. Just a few years back, he and his wife gave up nearly everything they

Aaron Nace – Photographer of the Week

His creativity is completely beyond ordinary and his knowledge of various editing techniques most definitely inspire the masses. But what amazes me the most about this artist is his openness

Benj Haisch – Photographer of the Week

He’s a Seattle-based portrait and wedding photographer that’s been known to have “a natural talent for capturing real human-connection in his photographs”. I would have to agree. But the depth

Anka Zhuravleva – Photographer of the Week

Her photography is moving, painterly and demonstrative. She has a beautifully developed emotional interpretation in her work using both analog and digital compositions. And after you read her story, you’ll

Steven Crosby – Photographer of the Week

What kind of photographs can you create with an iPhone, a Sharpie and random every day objects? It’s artists like this one that prove that endless amounts of expensive, top

Tanja Lippert – Photographer of the Week

Having been a model for ten years, she carries a talent and useful connection with her fashion and bridal subjects that many other photographers don’t necessarily possess. When watching her

Alex Currie – Photographer of the Week

I know what you’re thinking. Today’s featured photographer looks like a teenager. Well, he is. And nothing makes me more excited than discovering fresh, budding talent and introducing you to

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