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Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Glenn Smith

Category: Magic Photographer: Glenn Smith Photo: “Magic Mushrooms” Glenn’s photograph reminds me of the fairy tales where the mushrooms are huge, and lit underneath. This has a fantasy feel to

Photographer of the Day: Martin Bishop

Category: Street Photographer: Martin Bishop Photo: “Frosty Morning on Armstrong Bridge” I really enjoy this image titled, “Frosty Morning on Armstrong Bridge” by Martin Bishop. The warmth and color tones

photo of the day

Photographer of the Day: Paul Sanchez

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Paul Sanchez Photo: “Sutherland Falls, Revelstoke, BC Canada” This image just made me feel like I was standing right there, listening to the waterfall, feeling the mist and breathing

Photofocus Photographer of the Day is Darren M with his portrait "Window."

Photographer of the Day: Darren M

Category: Portrait Photographer: Darren M Photo: “Window” Find a window, have your subject step up next to it and look back at the camera. Simple? Not really. Our photographer of the

Photographer of the Day: thistleamy5

Category: Architecture Photographer: thistleamy5 Photo: “Dome of St. Ivo, Rome” So much of architecture is about form as well as function, and great architectural photography really highlights the form component.

Photographer of the Day: Don Komarechka

Category: Magic Photographer: Don Komarechka Photo: “Event Horizon” Photographing a wet, bent wildflower with some beautiful bokeh is the perfect definition of magic. I can’t stop looking away from this

Photographer of the Day: Thomas Clark

Category: Street Photographer: Thomas Clark Photo: “Writing Wrongs” I love that you can’t see the subjects face in this image. It brings power an focus to the words. The angle

mallard ducks taking off

Photographer of the Day: Melinda G

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Melinda G Photo: “You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it. -GK Chesterton” Melinda really did a great job of capturing the motion in this. I

Nicki Panou with "bb" from her series "we are the dead" earns photographer of the day honors for portraiture on Photofocus.

Photographer of the Day: Nicki Panou

Category: Portrait Photographer: Nicki Manou Photo: “bb” “bb” is an art portrait that our Photographer of the Day Nicki Panou has created. It is the first in her series “we

Photographer of the Day: Jesus Villarreal

Category: Architecture Photographer: Jesus Villarreal Photo: “Porta Fira Towers / Toyo Ito + Fermín Vázquez. L’Hospitalet. Barcelona” This very unusual structure is part of a pair of unusual structures, though

Photographer of the Day: Vadim Cojuhov

Category: Magic Photographer: Vadim Cojuhov Photo: “Light Painter” Sometimes magic in photography alludes to the magical light that’s present in a scene. Here, Vadim does some work with light painting,

Photographer of the Day: Steve Stanger

Category: Street Photographer: Steve Stanger Photo: “(walking) under construction” This image by Steve Stanger is proof that street photography doesn’t need to be complicated to tell a story. I can

fall trees and pond

Photographer of the Day: Ohao

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ohao Photo: “Vive l’automne” This image makes me want to sit on that dock, relax and just be. It reminds me of a scene from a fairy tale, some

Photographer of the Day for his portrait "Wakhi" is Robertino Radovix

Photographer of the Day: Robertino Radovix

Category: Portrait Photographer: Robertino Radovix Photo: “Wakhi” This portrait of an Afghani young woman is haunting and innocent and mysterious. Her large wide-open eyes and downward tilted chin haunt us

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hoffman

Category: Architecture Photographer: Michael Hoffman Photo: “Four Seasons” In a word, elegant! With clean, impeccable simplicity, this photograph entices with the beauty of reflection and perfect lines. Originally shared with

Photographer of the Day: Ken

Category: Land + Sea Photographer: Ken Photo: “Walking The Lake” I love photographs that give a different view on things. This aerial shot was actually taken with a Nikon D5300

Photographer of the Day: Joel Williams

Category: Street Photographer: Joel Williams Photo: “Bad Fashion” My eyes instantly went to the reflection in the gentleman’s glasses in this photo. It is incredibly sharp. You can see so

Tahquamenon falls

Photographer of the Day: Mike Hedge

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Mike Hedge Photo: “Tahquamenon Falls” This image makes me a little uneasy in a good way. The feeling of being right there is strong as I’m standing right on

Today's Photofocus Photographer of the Day for portraits is Enio Godoy with "Luisinho - 11 years old."

Photographer of the Day: Enio Godoy

Category: Portrait Photographer: Enio Godoy Photo: “Luisinho – 11 years old” “Luisinho – 11 years old” shows the wonder of approaching adolescence. This delightful portrait is completely without and self-consciousness

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Architecture Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Lights, Lines and Reflections” This is such an elegant interior portrait of a beautiful building space! Careful positioning allows the viewers to experience the

Photographer of the Day: Phil Campbell

Category: Land + Sea Photographer: Phil Campbell Photo: “Blue Hour on Loon Lake” This Blue Hour sunset by Phil is the perfect serene example combining the land and sea. The