When it comes to running a photography business, there are different areas that must be managed in order to be a profitable and successful business owner. Marketing, shooting, self-education, administrative duties, selling, collecting, and of course, editing are just a mentionable few. Pile on some time to eat, sleep, socialize, exercise and if you have a family, add on another unimaginable amount of fiery-hot balls to juggle. Balancing the life of a business owner and entrepreneur can be taxing. But its individuals like our guest Tamara Lackey that inspire creatives to keep it all in check.

Tamara talks with Rich Harrington on a recent where Tamara discusses her most recent projects along with the What If Day Camps that are designed to recharge your creativity. She also gives a preview of her educational resources on balancing your personal, business and family life. Plus, she adds some sound advice on practicing and knowing your photography equipment.

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Tamara has built a stand-out career in the photography industry. Her work has been described as “expressive, soulful, funny, beautiful” and has appeared in a multitude of publications, from O Magazine to Men’s Journal to Nikon World. Her imagery has also been showcased on ABC’s The Martha Stewart Show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and NBC’s The Today Show. And if that isn’t enough, she has somehow found the time to author four books and publish her most recent “Envisioning Family” and “The Posing Playbook.”

In the midst of raising a family and authoring books, she has also started a new platform that inspires and encourages balance and time management. All in One Life is a part of her educational resources with courses and workshops to increase business and personal productivity.

To see Tamara’s latest projects, check out her .