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Photographer of the Day: Paul Parkinson

Category: Architecture Photographer: Paul Parkinson Photo: “London Bridge and The Shard” In some cases, an architectural image is not about a single building, but how one or more structures have

Photographer of the Day: Tiberio Frascari

Category: Architecture Photographer: Tiberio Frascari Photo: “Villa Do Conte, Portugal” As you might have guessed by now, I’m a stickler for well composed, and well corrected architectural photography. Tiberio Frascari

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “archi de nuit nb” The whimsical side of architecture sometimes hides a practical origin. Perhaps angled windows minimizes unwanted summer solar intrusion. The shading

Photographer of the Day: jeff Clouet

Category: Architecture Photographer: jeff Clouete Photo: “Abstract spiral staircase” When an architect designs a building, the art is fully realized when all views have been taken into consideration! While this

Photographer of the Day: mjhedge

Category: Architecture Photographer: mjhedge Photo: “Arch” This well-known structure, designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen in 1963, is the world’s tallest arch. Though its elegant beauty and simplicity are very

Photographer of the Day: Mark Meyer

Category: Architecture Photographer: Mark Meyer Photo: “Underground Train” So much of architectural art is how the shape of our spaces affect us both visually and emotionally. In this view, Mark

Photographer of the Day: Brandon Kopp

Category: Architecture Photographer: Brandon Kopp Photo: “Cable Grist Mill, Great Smoky Mountains National Park HDR” While this image may not be a traditional architectural photograph, it is everything a good

Photographer of the Day: cinzio Farinelli

Category: Architecture Photographer: cinzio Farinelli Photo: “genoa architecture” It’s certainly enticing when a photo can convey the stately elegance of a structure. In this photo, both the concept and craftsmanship

Photographer of the Day: Steve Stanger

Category: Architecture Photographer: Steve Stanger Photo: “Asbury Casino (What’s left), Asbury Park NJ” While this is a ruin, rather than a vibrant usable structure at the capture of the image,

Photographer of the Day: jeff Clouet

Category: Architecture Photographer: jeff Clouet Photo: “Le Bon Marche” Architecture in many ways is the marriage of edifice and art. This whimsical creation demonstrates the imaginative and creative component of

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hoffman

Category: Architecture Photographer: Michael Hoffmann Photo: 1200 Intrepid This image is everything a substantive architectural photo should be. It highlights the effort and imagination of the architect. It shows the

Photographer of the Day: Tiberio Frascari

Category: Architecture Photographer: Tiberio Frascari Photo: Gibellina (Sicilia): Sistema delle Piazze di Franco Purini e Laura Thermes. This is a perfect construct, showing converging lines meeting the edge frames. The vanishing point

When Sparks Fly: Fireworks Photos Re-Imagined

It’s that time of year when we anticipate the joy of seeing magnificent displays of aerial pyrotechnic art. Fireworks are among the most visually arresting spectacles of light we can

Tech Corner: Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density Filters There are times when there’s just too much light! Sometimes it’s too much for our eyes, and we need sunglasses. Sometimes, it’s too much for our photography

Panorama view from behind the San Jose church

Seeking Moonrise

No, this isn’t about an eclipse of the moon, or sun. Or even about the moon for that matter. Rather, it’s about finding a photograph, and a realization that, as

This photo shows the last glimpse of the sun before totality, referred to as the "diamond ring".

2017 Great American Eclipse Follow Up!

Needless to say, the total solar eclipse of 2017 across the entire US was just spectacular! The experience of seeing the world go dark in midday, feeling the hot summer

The View Camera Aesthetic in the Digital Realm part 4

(Editor’s note: Guest contributor Steve Inglima concludes his series of posts about the view camera and how its aesthetic informs digital photography. This article offers ways to add view camera functions to DSLRs. Read part

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