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Five Keys to Being a Great Assistant

Ive been an assistant to some of the most talented people, working on cool projects and helping at awesome workshops. I feel absolutely blessed. The key theme I heard from

Why I Attend Workshops and Tradeshows?

Editor’s Note: Photoshop World is next week. We’re holding a reader’s breakfast there and some other events you’ll have to ask about in person. Ive written a version of this

Printing is the Lost Art of Photography

Why are prints are so important? Printing is a part of many photographers business or workflow that can be improved. Most of us don’t know how to print or even

What can Photomatix do for you?

The Challenge of Dynamic Range My next house I did end up photographing was a small townhouse. I think those are extra challenging to photograph as you are working to

My New Favorite Photo App: PhotoSync

As photographers, naturally we probably take more pictures then the general public with our smart phone for even everyday events. I doubt there’s been a day I have not taken

New Camera, Now What?

You have a camera now what? I came across this meme on Facebook recently and it made me laugh yet reminded me of questions Ive recently been asked. Being the

Interview with Photographer: Scott Jarvie

Meet photographer Scott Jarvie. You can see his prints of Mormon temples in many LDS religious book stores and magazines around the United States. He started out mostly doing wedding

How Photography Saved My Life

Editor’s Note: This is a highly personal story. From time to time we put techniques aside and look at inspiration. Mental Illness and life struggles can be a taboo to