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Smartflow with Dave Cross

Too many people work too hard on their workflow. Smartflow takes the work out of Workflow. Dave Cross has been teaching Photoshop since 1990. The Canadian-born educator is well respected

5 Easy Steps to Paint with Texture

Photoshop enables you to add a painting look to your images easy by using textures. The secret is to find the right texture for the image. You can build your

3 Tips for Perfect Skin inside Lightroom

A simple rule when enhancing skin: Don’t make it look fake. Too often photographers don’t know when to stop when enhancing skin. They take the edit a little to far

The Real Power of Smart Objects

Smart Objects are layers that contain image data from raster or vector images, such as Photoshop or Illustrator files. Smart Objects preserve an images source content with all its original

Enhancing the Eyes

Enhancing the Eyes with Lightroom

There are four parts of the eye; the pupil, iris, catch light and whites of the eye. We don’t always need to enhance all four. The goal is to make

The Viking | How I Got the Shot

On a recent photo shoot, we were tasked to make this gentle giant look fierce and menacing. Wardrobe got us about 40 percent there, a harsh beauty dish moved us

The Fencing Prince | How I Got the Shot

Sometimes I get a big idea. This one was all about creating a series across several athletes and sports. I wanted to photograph different sports using the same lighting and

Daytime Lacrosse with Auto ISO

How I Got the Shot For today’s case study, let’s go to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse New York. I’m getting ready to shoot a Lacrosse game between Syracuse and

Using Nikon’s Creative Lighting System

After the 2010 Las Vegas Photoshop World, I was itching to try a with a few new concepts on lighting I learned from Zack Arias. A perfect opportunity fell into

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