Photographer of the Day: Cinzio Farinelli

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Cinzio Farinelli Photo: “le langhe” This photo is a great example of what happens when great light and great angles come together in front of a photographer

Photographer of the Day: Ken Childress

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Childress Photo: “Trail Ridge Road Milky Way_” The challenge for a compelling milkyway/star field shot is a good foreground. I love that Ken didn’t let the

Photographer of the Day: Amaurie Ramirez

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Amaurie Ramirez Photo: “Mighty Skogafoss” A powerful photo of a powerful landscape. I like the centering of the waterfall, and the way it looks as though the

Green hummingbird

Photographer of the Day: Karl Hassel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Karl Hassel Photo: “The Crown Jewel……..” I’ve always been fascinated by hummingbirds, and it is always a thrill to see one flitting between flowers in the garden.

Photographer of the Day: Brandon Kopp

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Brandon Kopp Photo: “Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, OH HDR” This wonderful photo has the feel of being captured on the set of “Lord of

Photographer of the Day: Andrew Slater

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Andrew Slater Photo: “Crossing Paths” X marks the spot, and what a spot it is! The vibrant colors are what caught my eye at first, but the

Photographer of the Day: David Simon

Category: Outdoor Photographer: David Simon Photo: “Waterfall – Isle of Skye – Scotland” While I’m always a sucker for a good waterfall photo, it was the fantastic light that made

Photographer of the Day: Phil Campbell

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Phil Campbell Photo: “All in a Row” Simplicity and tranquility. I love the line formed by the family, with the symmetry of the adult geese at the

Photographer of the Day: Joe_r

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Joe_r Photo: “White Rocks View” I’ve always been curious about infrared photography, but have yet to give it a try. It is photos like this that always

Photographer of the Day: Donna Martin

Category: Nature Photographer: Donna Martin Photo: “Beautiful Cascade” Ah, time for a break by a cool and refreshing stream. Just looking at it makes me thirsty! I love the use of

Photographer of the Day: Martijn van der Nat

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Martijn van der Nat “Treebeard” What an amazing tree! I love the use of the starburst created by using a small aperture to really make this photo come

Photographer of the Day: Don Komarechka

Category: Wildlife Photographer: Don Komarechka “Lady in Green” Every time I go through the Photofocus Flickr group I’m blown away by Don’s work, and his images inspire me to take a

Photographer of the Day: Ganesh Kumar

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Ganesh Kumar “Henry Hill” I love the colors, the clouds, and the warmth of the fading light, all of which combine to create a great photograph. Thanks for

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Category: Wildlife Photographer: Christian Meermann “Northern Carmine Bee-eater #2” An amazing portrait of this bird. The lighting and B&W treatment are just perfect, resulting in the perfect amount of contrast. The

Photographer of the Day: Plane Sight Images

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Plane Sight Images “Untitled” A perfect study of lines and texture, and ideally suited to B&W. The receding line of the fence into the distance carries the eye

Photographer of the Day: Mayank Bhatnagar

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Mayank Bhatnagar “Untitled” I love the serenity and simplicity of this photo. The blades of grass breaking the mirror-like surface of the water adds the perfect contrast to

Photographer of the Day: Ken Childress

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Ken Childress “Mt Elbert Forebay Milky Way” I’m always a sucker for a good milky way photo, but throw in a reflection and make it a pano and

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Category: Nature Photographer: Peter Hickson “Waves” I love the abstract nature of this shot! Great color, and made stronger by the contrasting wave action. The slower shutter adds a nice amount

Photographer of the Day: Gary Radler

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Gary Radler “Gibbston Highway Bridge over Kawarau River near Arrowtown, NZ” There’s a lot I love about this photo, such as the breathtaking vista, the way the winding

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Nature Photographer: Allan Jones “Snowflake macro” I love snowflake macros because they represent how much patience and determination the photographer had to create them. It’s also just really cool to

Photographer of the Day: Phil Campbell

Category: Wildlife Photographer: Phil Campbell “Natural Tenderness” What a wonderful moment to capture so beautifully! It is always a thrill to see the vibrant red of the male cardinal at our