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Photographer of the Day: Ken

Photographer: Ken Photo: “Wading in Milky Water” This image caught my eye as I was scrolling through our Flickr group. At first, I thought it was a person walking along the

Grosse Pointe Sunrise Evanston

Are you creating for yourself?

How much time do you spend creating for yourself? If you are running a photography business, my guess is the answer is not much or not as much as you’d

photographic legacy

The legacy of our photographs

This isn’t necessarily something any of us really like to talk about. Because I’m dealing with it personally and creeping up there in age, I’m seeing and hearing more and

all we need is more likes

How to ask for image critiques

We post our images all over social media looking for likes, hearts and comments. We crave recognition and validation in the work we spend days and hours on, so we

Kurt Kramer Photography

Photographer of the Day: Kurt Kramer

Photographer: Kurt Kramer Photo: “Impressionist Spirits” I have to admit I’m a little partial to this image because I watched Kurt take it, although I may have titled it “No Photoshop

Charlie Raven photography

Photographer of the Day: Charlie Raven

Photographer: Charlie Raven Photo: “Glastonbury Festival 2019” I have always wanted to attend the Glastonbury Festival and this image just put me right in the crowd. You can just feel the

Paul Munford Photography

Photographer of the Day: Paul Munford

Photographer: Paul Munford Photo: “Fade” This photo is the definition of seeing differently. A wonderfully unique perspective and nice to see a different interpretation of an umbrella shot. Images like this

Phillip William Jenner photographer

Photographer of the Day: Phillip William Jenner

Photographer: Phillip William Jenner Photo: “Ashopton Viaduct, Ladybower Reservoir” The shapes, light and movement are beautiful in this image. I really love the way it all works together and my eyes

Ken Lee photography

Photographer of the Day: Ken Lee

Photographer: Ken Lee Photo: “The Summit Inn” Right out of a movie. That’s the reason why this image made me stop scrolling through the gallery, it looks like a still shot

Scott Norris Photography

Photographer of the Day: Scott Norris

Photographer: Scott Norris Photo: “White Feather” Simplicity at its finest. I love the use of light to create the long shadow of the feather. It’s the perfect blend of soft and


Photographer of the Day: slingblade_2004

Photographer: slingblade_2004 Photo: “Deadwood, South Dakota” I realize it’s past the holidays but I had to share this image. It’s just so picture perfect and what we all imagine a small-ish

Trevor Ager photography

Photographer of the Day: Trevor Ager

Photographer: Trevor Ager Photo: “Wisley Garden Pollinator” Gorgeous macro shot of this bee and flower. Great detail and texture in the bee and excellent use of the flower in the background

Kenny Ganz photography

Photographer of the Day: Kenny Ganz

Photographer: Kenny Ganz Photo: “Grand Trunk Western 6039” What a wonderful train yard shot. The way the light hits the steam and highlights the man on the front of the engine

fall trees reflections

Photographer of the Day: Michelle

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Michelle Photo: “A Reverie of Dreams” The color in this is magical and I love how it practically glows. The gorgeous still water reflections give this the perfect symmetry.

mushrooms in the forest

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ritzy Photo: “Untitled” Color, composition and all that sparkly bokeh, what’s not to love about this shot? It’s a lovely up close and personal look at nature in the

photo of the day

Photographer of the Day: Paul Sanchez

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Paul Sanchez Photo: “Sutherland Falls, Revelstoke, BC Canada” This image just made me feel like I was standing right there, listening to the waterfall, feeling the mist and breathing

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