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Photographer of the Day: Ivan Rigamonti

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ivan Rigamonti Photo: “Sylt” I love this little guy. Whew! So tired out from cycling he just couldn’t make it any further. His red coat and green helmet really make

POTD Outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Bibek Singh

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Bibek Singh Photo: “Hide and Seek” A perfect example of being patient or just good timing. Either way, it works brilliantly in this shot. Waiting for just the right

barn swallow

Why did you buy that lens?

A recent social media post prompted me to write this. Back in March, I purchased a new lens, the Tamron 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3. Why? Well, I got a great deal on

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Photographer of the Day: Jeff Clouet

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jeff Clouet Photo: “Urban Reflection” This shot makes me so happy. The building itself is amazing but to capture the colors and lines in the reflection of the windows

photographing carnivals fairs festivals

Capturing festivals, fairs and carnivals

Here in the midwest, it’s the beginning of festival, carnival and fair season. Attending these events with your camera can be a lot of fun. Plenty of people, bands, games,

Photographer of the Day: Mark Marshall

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Mark Marshall Photo: “The Dawn of Spring” Oh so moody. I love how ghostly the city of Chicago appears here. It’s as if the city is trying to hide

POTD street

Photographer of the Day: Pierre Pichot

Category: Street Photographer: Pierre Pichot Photo: “Shy” I love the mystery in this, where is he going, where has he been, what or who will greet him as he turns

POTD Outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones Photographer

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Allan Jones Photographer Photo: “Baby Spiders” Maybe I should have warned you all first on this one. Baby spiders — eww, right? This image intrigued me, I came back

Skylum Luminar 3

Accent AI 2.0 with Luminar Looks

The recent Accent AI 2.0 release in Skylum’s Luminar 3.1.0 means an update to the Luminar Looks presets as well. I thought I’d just take you through a few images

How many actuations does my camera have?

I recently bought a new camera and will be using my older version for a backup. This means I have another old, older version sitting around unused. I decided to

Photographer of the Day: Renato Greco

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Renato Greco Photo: “Macaone” I love the rich, fall tones of this and how the butterfly colors pull from the background. Beautifully lit by the sun and great depth

Feeling stuck?

We all feel stuck sometimes. Stuck at work, stuck in our own thoughts, stuck trying to write a blog post and most certainly as photographers we all get stuck with

Celebrating Earth Month through photography

Since April 2019 is the 49th anniversary of Earth Month, it seemed like a good time to share some information from Adobe Stock’s 2019 Visual Trend Blog. Adobe Stock’s latest

Davide Gabino photographer of the day

Photographer of the Day: Davide Gabino

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Davide Gabinol Photo: “Un piede nella natura” This image stopped me in my tracks. It grabbed my inner child and took me right back to laying in the grass in

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Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Allan Jones Photographer Photo: “Pelican” What timing! Captured at just the right moment with not only the fish in the air but the wings spread and the push through the

Photographer of the Day: Phil Campbell

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Phil Campbell Photo: “Frosty Bur” What a fantastic 3-dimensional image. The frost just pops on this plant and the soft blue background is the perfect wintery setting. Just a beautiful

Canon AE-1

Sticking with old tech

My fellow Photofocus author Michèle Grenier has been writing about her experience of deciding to switch to mirrorless. During this time my trusty old Canon 6D decided it needed a

Photographer of the Day: Stefano Cerchiaro

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Stefano Cerchiaro Photo: “Minimal” I love the simplicity of this, the tones, the space left around the tree within the image and the contrast. A gorgeous example of using a long exposure

Photographer of the Day: iLOVEnature Photography

Category: Outdoor Photographer: iLOVEnature Photography Photo: “Winter Sunset Silhouettes Nature’s Inspiration” Such beautiful details in this foxtail at sunset. It’s really amazing to see the shapes within the stalk. I also love the

Photographer of the Day: Andre vd Meulen

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Andre vd Meulen Photo: “Line to Infinity” I love the mystery in this. Where do those trees disappear to? Some mystical land. Beautifully composed with soft tones to lead us into

being spontaneous in photography

Be prepared to be spontaneous

Are you ready to go at any moment? Whether it’s a photoshoot or an epic trip that somehow falls in your lap, can you honestly say you’d be able to