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Remove Dust from Many Files at Once

Dust on the sensor usually means a tedious time removing spots from lots of photos. This is particularly true if the subject is a time lapse sequence that has hundreds

Sensor dust… Be Gone! Lightroom 5

Fuzzies are dark blurry looking spots that usually show in the skies of photographs. They are caused by dust resting on the camera sensor. No matter how conscientious you are

Fast Background Color Change

Sometimes art directors (or clients) want something that wasn’t included in pre-production. Photography is a creative endeavor. Art directors are creative too. When creativity happens during the shoot it’s time

All Hard Drives Will Die

Face it. Death is a part of life. This is true of people. It’s true for hard drives,too. Those containers of mass data on high speed spinning disks have a

Get More Out of Your Tripod

Tripods start out as the bane of most photographer’s existence. Over time, they often grow into one of their happy places in photography. My beginning students at the Creative Circus

Canon EOS Utility Fix

Resolving Canon EOS Utility v/s Yosemite If you need to update your camera, transfer images, shoot tethered or load camera profiles, the Canon EOS utility is very useful. That is

Using the Advanced Healing Brush in LR5

Are you looking for a great way to touch up your images or remove blemishes? Well you have access to the Spot Removal tool which is surprisingly versatile. Advanced Healing

Storytelling with a Drone

I bought my first drone last December. I learned to fly it reasonably well. I bought my second one in March. It had a camera and a first person view

Canon EOS Utility vs OSX Yosemite

The current versions of Canon’s tethering software packages EOS Utility 2 and EOS Utility 3 (for the 1Dx, 5DMK3 and 7DMk2) and their RAW processor Digital Photo Professional are not

Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens Exploration

A couple of months ago one of my Photofocus posts Fifteen MM Fisheye Fun touched on how versatile this seemingly special purpose lens is. Here’s more. What is a Fisheye

On Making “Epic” Photographs

The Questions Photofocus readers know that Photoshop World is a place where photographers gather to learn about their craft, about Photoshop, of course, and most interesting of all; about each

Duplicating Smart Objects

Overview Smart Objects in Photoshop are wrappers that can contain layers or an original RAW file made with a camera. They are non-destructive. They support Smart Filters (allowing unlimited reworking

The day after 9 / 11

It’s my birthday. September twelfth. Thirteen years and one day ago the Twin Towers were destroyed along with a lot of our sense of safety in the world. Like most

One Last Morning

Rod Stewart sang the question: “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” Telling stories… Ideally Rod would be right. Sadly, some stories can’t be told with a single photo. There

Ring Flash, Beauty Dish @ Photoshop World

Photography is rich with light modifiers. Umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, v-flats, diffusion panels and so on. Two of them though, the ring flash and the beauty dish are somewhat mysterious-certainly

RAW Retouching Class Session

Retouching a RAW capture as much as possible before finishing the photograph in Photoshop is a best practice. RAW files contain all of the data that the camera was able

A Little, Tiny Hair…

Has this ever happened to you? It’s a great session. The model is beautiful. The light is perfect. You have totally nailed it. Everything is just right… except on review

Fifteen MM Fisheye Fun

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis photographed from the Mississippi riverside. “Fisheye lenses are gimmicks.” Lots of photographers think so. Most have never used one. I don’t travel without one.

I Am Not a “REAL” Photographer

This definition of a real photographer: “full time PRO with a real brick and mortar studio who makes 100% of his income taking pictures not selling crap to other photogs“was

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