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Making “The Boxer”

“I want to be a boxer!” said model Vanessa Guillemette as we were preparing a test shoot in my studio last week. She pulled out some pink Everlast boxing gloves

Elinchrom + The MAC Group

Back in March Elinchrom announced it would form a company to distribute their electronic flash products. The company was to be called Elinchrom USA scheduled to debut on May 5th.

Photographing The Sapphire Pin

Photographing jewelry always presents some interesting challenges to overcome. The brooch crafted by Marie Scarpa is shiny gold and silver wire wound in a spiral holding seventeen sapphires. Each one

Executive Portrait Lighting for Dark Skin

Portraits of people with white or Caucasian skin are defined by the shadows. Darker skin–African American, Asian, Hispanic, Indian and Native American are shaped by highlights. Source of Illumination &

Elinchrom leaves Manfrotto in the US

Elinchrom of Renens, Switzerland announced today that it is breaking ties with Manfrotto in order to handle the distribution of its professional electronic flash systems directly in the United States.

Makeup for Portraits

“Do you want a make up artist for your portrait session?” When I used to ask a potential client this question, women would answer “No, thanks. I can do my

Apple Photos Beta for OS X Available Now

Apple just announced the availability of its new photo application, Apple Photos. While its not shipping yet, there is a public beta program available. Apple also released more details about

Dusk, Spotlight, Fog & Music

Recently, a post of mine shared the planning process and the initial set build for a portrait session for Atlanta musician Jeff Paige. This one deep dives into the rest

Planning a Musician’s Photoshoot

Atlanta musician, Jeff Paige came to me with his challenge of rebranding his look for his online presence as well as for upcoming releases of his work. The process always

New FAA Rules for Commercial Drones

I’m a drone owner. I have been studying, practicing with it and learning the ins and outs of aerial photography from an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.) It has been expensive

Moiré Removal in Lightroom

Moir is the name for swirling, oddly colorful artifacts Moir is usually seen in a tightly woven fabric, plaid textures or a tweed style jacket. Moir doesn’t pop up very

Photo of the Day: The Argument

Category: Commercial Conflict sets the stage for this commercial photograph of the day. The image could illustrate any difference in choosing between products or experiences. Are they at odds over

Smokin’ Photos

It was a dark and foggy night. The moon was a fuzzy ball hanging low in the sky…The foggy part of the sentence sets the mood. The sky is a

The Naming of Images

What’s in a name? (part deux) There are many ideas about naming image files. It’s interesting that lots of photographers cram as much info into the name as they can

Changing Volumes in Lightroom

When it’s time to replace a hard drive, RAID or Drobo with a newer, higher capacity one; how do it get integrated into Lightroom? There are three scenarios for this:

Fly Safe with Your Quadcopter

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be “fly safely.” This post is about flying drones safely and what to do when things go awry. It is a story that happened

Remove Dust from Many Files at Once

Dust on the sensor usually means a tedious time removing spots from lots of photos. This is particularly true if the subject is a time lapse sequence that has hundreds

Sensor dust… Be Gone! Lightroom 5

Fuzzies are dark blurry looking spots that usually show in the skies of photographs. They are caused by dust resting on the camera sensor. No matter how conscientious you are

Fast Background Color Change

Sometimes art directors (or clients) want something that wasn’t included in pre-production. Photography is a creative endeavor. Art directors are creative too. When creativity happens during the shoot it’s time

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