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FAA Releases Drone Rule

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the “Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems” final rule for non-hobby and non-recreational purposes today. Read on for a brief summary. The

Photographer of the Day: Sohail Karmani

Category: Portraits Photographer: Sohail Karmani “Camel Herder” Photofocus photographer of the day is Sohail Karmani. His rich black and white study of a camel driver finishing a cigarette is a

“Guided Upright” New in Lightroom

The latest release of Lightroom CC 2015 includes a new more controllable version of Upright and a new Transform panel in the Develop module. Here’s a Photofocus first look Upright

Photographer of the Day: Tommy Le

Category: Fashion Photographer: Tommy Le “Untitled” Photofocus photographer of the day, Tommy Le, takes us to the streets of Saigon, Vietnam where his model on a phone call looks attentively

Canon Adds 7 New Online Classes

Canon has announced 7 new online classes priced between $19.99 and $59.99 are available on their online learning page. This marks a departure from Canon’s free Digital Learning Center or

Fantasy Portrait: The Alien Queen part 1

Science fiction movies are all that right now… Star Wars, Star Trek, the Marvel universe and DC comics all have at least one exotic character. I thought it might be

Photographer of the Day: Shelby Deep

Category: Fashion Photographer: Shelby Deep “Untitled” Photofocus photographer of the day, Shelby Deep, explores the physicality of a fashion pose. Her model in “Untitled” is looking up, eyes closed revealing

Cost: Drobo v/s Individual Drives

Photographers buy hard drives in external enclosures to keep up with the data they create with digital cameras and post-production software. When one fills up, another drive along with an

Photographer of the Day: Steve Ellis

Category: Fashion Photographer: Steve Ellis “Golden Beauty” Photofocus photographer of the day, Steve Ellis, expresses the fashion of hair and makeup. Gold predominates this image from the color of the

Photography’s Basics: Shutter Speed

Our eyes have a fixed refresh rate of about 1/30th of a second. Modern cameras today have shutter speeds that range from 30 seconds to 1/8000th of a second. The

Long Exposures for Abstract Art

A previous post on Photography’s Basics: Shutter Speed, I promised a post on using long shutter speeds to make abstractions. When the world blurs together on a memory card or

Photographer of the Day: Steve Lavelle

Category: Fashion Photograph: “Street Fashion 3” by Steve Lavelle “Street Fashion 3” is a lifestyle editorial delight! Photographer Lavelle captures a moment between a couple on a street in a

Photographer of the Day: Fall of Troy

Category: Fashion Photograph: “Fall of Troy” by Todd Holbrook A fresh faced woman whose long brown hair cascades over her fur collared coat looks wistfully away as she leaves the

Clone Source Ability

Distractions are everywhere in photography. They draw the eye away from the subject in the final picture. Shooting on location means dealing with them as much as possible at the

Photographer of the Day: Benjo Rulona “Binbini”

Category: Fashion Photograph: “Binbini” by Benjo Rulona Fashion is style. Fashion photography is styling. Benjo Rulona, our Photofocus Photographer of the Day, shows us style that is beyond everyday wear.

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