On Making “Epic” Photographs

The Questions Photofocus readers know that Photoshop World is a place where photographers gather to learn about their craft, about Photoshop, of course, and most interesting of all; about each

Duplicating Smart Objects

Overview Smart Objects in Photoshop are wrappers that can contain layers or an original RAW file made with a camera. They are non-destructive. They support Smart Filters (allowing unlimited reworking

The day after 9 / 11

It’s my birthday. September twelfth. Thirteen years and one day ago the Twin Towers were destroyed along with a lot of our sense of safety in the world. Like most

One Last Morning

Rod Stewart sang the question: “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” Telling stories… Ideally Rod would be right. Sadly, some stories can’t be told with a single photo. There

Ring Flash, Beauty Dish @ Photoshop World

Photography is rich with light modifiers. Umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, v-flats, diffusion panels and so on. Two of them though, the ring flash and the beauty dish are somewhat mysterious-certainly

RAW Retouching Class Session

Retouching a RAW capture as much as possible before finishing the photograph in Photoshop is a best practice. RAW files contain all of the data that the camera was able

A Little, Tiny Hair…

Has this ever happened to you? It’s a great session. The model is beautiful. The light is perfect. You have totally nailed it. Everything is just right… except on review

Fifteen MM Fisheye Fun

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis photographed from the Mississippi riverside. “Fisheye lenses are gimmicks.” Lots of photographers think so. Most have never used one. I don’t travel without one.

I Am Not a “REAL” Photographer

This definition of a real photographer: “full time PRO with a real brick and mortar studio who makes 100% of his income taking pictures not selling crap to other photogs“was

Apple Discontinues Aperture

Apple announced today that it will no longer add features to its professional imaging application Aperture. Apple will continue to update camera formats for the foreseeable future. Apple is folding

What is “Normal” Focal Length?

Normal is defined as conforming to a standard, the usual, the typical or the expected. When it comes to photography, normal most often refers to the standard focal length lens

Focal Length Explained

Focal length has a lot to do with modern photography. It’s always been important, and now, even more so. Changing the focal length makes a photograph of the same scene

Shooting Mirrors

My last post covered the law of light that says the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflectance. In other more understandable words it means that light bounces off

About Light • The Angle of Incidence

The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflectance is a law of light. It’s also photo-speak that (allegedly) explains how to evenly light a background, a copy stand or

Exposure Tactics • Refining Exposure

The previous Exposure Tactics post, explored understanding the difference between how Lightroom, Photoshop, and light meters measure exposure. Now we continue to look at working with the files in postproduction.

Exposure Tactics • Mastering Exposure

This Exposure Tactics post explains what a “technically proper” exposure is and how to get there. Remember I said technically proper, not creatively right. The sensors in our cameras don’t

Exposure Tactics • Color Control

What comes after using an incident meter to set the exposure? Setting a neutral color balance then refining the exposure, both in post production. I always refine the exposure after

Exposure Tactics: Incident Metering

My last post showed why it’s difficult to get the exposure right with the reflective meters in our cameras. They measure the light without being able to differentiate whether a

Exposure Tactics–Reflective Metering

Exposure can be really confusing. It’s particularly so with modern digital cameras. Why? The type of light meters built into cameras is a big reason. Those meters are reflective meters.

Music Copyrights for Photographers

We live in an ultra connected world where the amount of media seemingly free for the taking is virtually unlimited. This is not a rant on stealing, fair use or

Using Backlight for Dramatic Portraits

I have been exploring backlight lately. Any light coming from behind the subject can be considered backlight. Backlight that is two or more f/stops brighter than the exposure on the