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Nicki Panou with "bb" from her series "we are the dead" earns photographer of the day honors for portraiture on Photofocus.

Photographer of the Day: Nicki Panou

Category: Portrait Photographer: Nicki Manou Photo: “bb” “bb” is an art portrait that our Photographer of the Day Nicki Panou has created. It is the first in her series “we

Sunday Comics on Photofocus. Photo by Joe Cicarelli on

Sunday Comics: Karma

Now it’s time for a moment of laughter with a bit of Photoshop mixed in…   Sunday Comics opening photo is by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

Rhine II 1999 by Andreas Gursky

On Photography: Adreas Gursky, 1955-present

“Since the photographic medium has been digitized, a fixed definition of the term photography has become impossible.” – Andreas Gursky Fine art photographer Andreas Gursky didn’t become a serious photographer,

Introducing Capture One Pro 20

The latest version of the RAW processor used by pros for years that is now for every photographer — Capture One Pro 20 is available now! New in Capture One

Photographer of the Day for his portrait "Wakhi" is Robertino Radovix

Photographer of the Day: Robertino Radovix

Category: Portrait Photographer: Robertino Radovix Photo: “Wakhi” This portrait of an Afghani young woman is haunting and innocent and mysterious. Her large wide-open eyes and downward tilted chin haunt us

Sunday Comics on Photofocus. Photo by Joe Cicarelli on

Sunday Comics: On the subway

Humor is all around us and all we have to capture it to have our cameras with us and use them as I did on the subway during a recent

On Photography: The photographs of Robert Frank

On Photography: Robert Frank, 1924-2019

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.” ― Robert Frank Robert Frank is best known for his 83 black and white documentary photographs carefully curated from his take

The weekly wrap-up from Photofocus for November 24-30,2019.

Weekly Wrap-Up: November 24-30,2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have a feast of great articles from the week on Photofocus. Leading off is Julie Powell with her take on Xpozer prints, followed by a

Why does color cast matter?

Color cast is everywhere. Take a photo of a snowscape on a sunny day. The snow is blue, not white because it reflects the color of the sky. So this

Today's Photofocus Photographer of the Day for portraits is Enio Godoy with "Luisinho - 11 years old."

Photographer of the Day: Enio Godoy

Category: Portrait Photographer: Enio Godoy Photo: “Luisinho – 11 years old” “Luisinho – 11 years old” shows the wonder of approaching adolescence. This delightful portrait is completely without and self-consciousness

Photographer of the Day on Photofocus for portraits is Mike and the photo "My baby girl in the Cotswolds."

Photographer of the Day: Mike

Category: Portrait Photographer: Mike Photo: “My baby girl in the Cotswolds” A dad’s love for his daughter is captured fully in this portrait, “My baby girl in the Cotswolds,” by

Sunday Comics on Photofocus. Photo by Joe Cicarelli on

Sunday Comics: Scene at the seashore

Everybody loves a long lens along the seashore. Why would the coin-operated telescopes be any different?   Sunday Comics opening photo is by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash  

Photofocus Photographer of the Day — Pat Callahan and his portrait "Antigua Guatemala."

Photographer of the Day: Pat Callahan

Category: Portrait Photographer: Pat Callahan Photo: “Antigua, Guatemala” This portrait, “Antigua, Guatemala” puts the gentleman in his environment of rich yet aged yellow stucco. He sits on a metal wheeled wheelbarrow