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Joy Celine Asto

Capturing winter landscapes in dreamy pastel hues
Documentary portraits celebrate the oldest Nilgiris tribes
Staying active with photography amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Jumpstart your infrared photography with these tutorials
Imagining Earth’s genesis through abstract landscapes
Documentary portraits star Chongqing’s last Bang Bang Men
These five tips will level up your street photography
Reimagining food photography with clever visual comparisons
Heartwarming pet portraits showing adorable expressions
How chiaroscuro solves the dynamic range misconception
COVID-19 diary: Photographing the pandemic at the front lines
Beautiful street photography using Kodak Portra 400

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Jumpstart your infrared photography with these tutorials

Infrared photography is one of the most interesting techniques we can dive into today, especially when we’re feeling a little experimental. Despite the technical challenges, the results also tend to be rewarding and fascinating, since it essentially involves capturing light

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The power of looking up in architecture photography

When it comes to architecture photography, looking up is inevitable. Towering skyscrapers will often force you to point your camera to their height. Some buildings and architectural elements also only reveal their full effect when viewed from below. In a

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