Photographer of the Day: Monty Montgomery

Category: Street Photographer: Monty Montgomery Photo: “A stroll #LifeinOshkosh” To me, capturing a mood or feeling in an image can be way more powerful than getting a perfect exposure right. And dare

Photographer of the Day: Denis Vuk

Category: Street Photographer: Denis Vuk Photo: “Walking away” This image by Denis Vuk titled “Walking away” instantly caught my eye for two reasons. One, I actually couldn’t see the passerby

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Clouet

Category: Street Photographer: Jeff Clouet Photo: “The woman with the red coat” The leading lines, the rule of thirds, contrast, depth. Jeff Clouet has it all in this image titled,

Photographer of the Day: Sylvain Duford

Category: Street Photographer: Sylvain Duford Photo: “Musical Dog” I love when artists share their story behind an image. Sylvain sent me this image titled, “Musical Dog and share this with me.”

Photographer of the Day: RyuFilms

Category: Street Photographer: RyuFilms Photo: “Nishiki Market in Kyoto” I love street photography. It has the power to make you feel like you are right there in the scene. I saw

Photographer of the Day: Zedith Photography

Category: Street Photographer: Zedith Photography Photo: “photographer on balances” Zedith had this to say about his image, “Caught while taking some street pictures with my light cameras … Well, I look like

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Category: Street Photographer: Gino Domenico Photo: “les Samedi après Novembre 2018, près pour l’ ACTE XIV” Man this image by Gino Domenic title “les Samedi après Novembre 2018, près pour

POTD, street, Jeff Clouet

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Clouet

Category: Street Photographer: Jeff Clouet Photo: “3 friends walking” Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for sharing your work. It is truly captivating, powerful and moving. I am obsessed with it

POTD, street, Gabi Ben avraham

Photographer of the Day: Gabi Ben Avraham

Category: Street Photographer: Gabi Ben Avraham Photo: “Untitled” I slightly love the fact that this image by Gabi Ben Avraham is “untitled.” I can’t help but feel like it was intentional a

POTD, street, Mark Krajnak

Photographer of the Day: Mark Krajnak

Category: Street Photographer: Mark Krajnak Photo: “Covered” Guys, there is a pig in this photo! Do you see it? It oddly was the first thing I noticed. Also, I wonder where the

POTD, street, Andy van Dyk

Photographer of the Day: Andy van Dyk

Category: Street Photographer: Andy van Dyk Photo: “Welta Weltur 6×9 (1937) /Schneider Xenar 105/3.8” I shoot a lot of my work in a studio where everything is very controlled and directional.

POTD. street, gino domenico

Photographer of the Day: Gino Domenico

Category: Street Photographer: Gino Domenico Photo: “Little Tramp” This adorable image was sent in by Gino Domenico titled “Little Tramp.” He said this about the image, “This picture was taken

My black light selfie experiment

Confession: I love a good selfie! I am taking selfies all the time — and not the kind where I raise the camera above my head and make duck lips.

POTD, street, Johann Walter Bantz

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Category: Street Photographer: Johann Walter Bantz Photo: “04, Decembre, Pantin, France” This is exactly why I love photography! This image by Johann Walter Bantz is power. It is history. It

POTD, street, barbara koester

Photographer of the Day: Barbara Koester

Category: Street Photographer: Barbara Koester Photo: “Mummers” This image titled “Mummers” by Barbara Koester immediately caught my attention. The colors are incredible! I love that she said this about the image as

Photographer of the Day: Isengardt

Category: Street Photographer: Isengardt Photo: “Christmas Time” I know Christmas is over but I got a good laugh at this image by Isengardt. To be honest I wanted to hug