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The Cutting Edge

“The Cutting Edge” is both accessible to the average viewer and educational to all but the most experienced of cutters. The documentary outlines the history and evolution of editing. Prominent films and filmmakers share stories from the cutting room which underscore the value and role of the editor.

Volunteering For Mastery

The idea of 10,000 repetitions as a path to mastery is not new. It has been a principle of Eastern thought for a very long time and has been made popular in business by Malcolm Gladwell and in photography by Steve Simon. It boils down to practice makes perfect.

Do The Work, Defeat Doubt

Having an off day? Questioning whether or not your photography “measures up”? Worried you may never be “good enough”? Take a few minutes to watch this video featuring producer/writer/actor Ira

Identify Your Transferable Skills

Frustrated, I turned to my father for advice. Always reliable, he offered two bits of sage counsel. First, find a way to express your creativity in the work you do now. Second, identify and embrace your “transferable skills”.

Excellent Video Begins With Excellent Sound

One of the very first lessons I learned when I began working with Pixel Corps was the priority sound takes in motion pictures. Alex Lindsay is fond of saying “If your sound is bad, your image can be pristine and the viewer will disconnect.” For this reason, every talented filmmaker I know is fanatical about their audio records, regardless of how big or small the job

Five Things We Need From GoPro in the Hero4

I have a couple of things I would love to see delivered with the Hero4. Much is made of the possible camera specs, especially 24fps 4K from the Hero4, but my wishlist is simpler, more practical and, I think, easier to deliver.

Spiffy Gear Light Blaster

When first handed the Light Blaster, I was a little dubious. It seemed a bit like a kitschy toy not suited for a professional kit. But, like most things, its usefulness is largely dependent on the person using it and the goals they have in mind. Once I got my head around the idea, the Light Blaster makes a lot of sense in the creative arsenal of many photographers.

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