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Photographer of the Day: Ted Stark

Category: Nature Photographer: Ted Stark Title: Annoyance With Stowaways The first thing that struck me about this image was the strong use of the foreground to create a sense of

334:365 alt Nemo by Brent Schnarr

Photographer of the Day: Brent Schnarr

Category: Nature Photographer: Brent Schnarr Title: 334:365 alt Nemo Getting a good exposure on dry land is tough. Underwater photography adds so many new variables, few people make an effort

A Well Deserved Meal by Don Komarechka

Photographer of the Day: Don Komarechka

Category: Nature Photographer: Don Komarechka Title: Macro photography requires a particular eye and technical discipline. Komarechka demonstrates both in this image, but that alone is not why I picked. Wildlife

Bekhouchaaaaaaa by Rachid Saghiri

Photographer of the Day: Rachid Saghiri

Category: Nature Photographer: Rachid Saghiri Title: Bekhouchaaaaaaa! Such a simple image. Often times, simple is best … and deceiving. Macro photography is never simple. The strength of this image is

Photographer of the Day: Laurent Glasson

Category: Nature Photographer: Laurent Glasson Title: Couché de soleil sur le bargy On their own, the mountains and the dramatic sky, would make this a wonderful image. What grabbed me

Photographer of the Day: Brock Slinger

Category: Nature Photographer: Brock Slinger Title: Reflection Like so many hard-won skills, mastery is a demonstrated by the choices one makes. There are many excellent choices made in this image.

Untitled by Mundl

Photographer of the Day: Mundl

Category: Nature Photographer: mundl Title: Untitled Contrast is a great tool for creating drama. In this image, soft, billowing clouds compete with a hard, stark mountain’s edge. Light and dark

Mt. Kidd by Dan Warkentin

Photographer of the Day: Dan Warkentin

Category: Nature Photographer: Dan Warkentin Title: Mt. Kidd To often, landscapes are framed and executed as snapshots. Not so here. From location scouting, to composition & framing through to post-processing;

A Young Reindeer by Karim Sahai

Photographer of the Day: Karim Sahai

Category: Nature Photographer: Karim Sahai Title: A Young Reindeer I know summer is almost here, but how about a little Christmas magic? When I first saw this image, I thought

Spiritual Falls by Nick Nieto

Photographer of the Day: Nick Nieto

Category: Nature Photographer: Nick Nieto Title: Spiritual Falls What a lush, evocative image! Nieto masterfully uses to a slow shutter to capture the waterfall as a series of silky ribbons.

Goldfinches feeding before the snowstorm by Ric Rus

Photographer of the Day: Ric Rus

Category: Nature Photographer: Ric Rus Title: Goldfinches feeding before the snowstorm Overall execution is spot on, but that is not why I chose this image. In a word, dynamic. If

A Fresh Winter's Morning by Murray Fox

Photographer of The Day: Murray Fox

Category: Nature Photographer: Murray Fox Title: A Fresh Winter’s Morning Too often, when we think of nature photography, we think only of wild places. Here Fox captures a wonderful, early

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