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Photoshop is not cheating

Most experienced photographers will tell you to “get it right in the camera”. By that they mean know your camera well enough, and understand the concepts of aperture, shutter speed,

When 50% is Good Enough

Back in my college days, there was at least one class that I would have happy to get 50% on an exam. But let’s not go there… This post is

Drobo 5N setup

In this video I recorded “live” as I attempted to follow the instructions and set up the Drobo 5N to use as a networked backup drive. You won’t believe what

The Photoshop Tools you should NOT use

Needless to say, there are almost always multiple ways to do something in Photoshop, and more than one tool to use to get to the same end. On the surface, it

Lightroom May Not be Enough

More and more photographers have embraced Lightroom as their main post production tool. Although I completely understand that thinking – and it’s valid for many photographers – I worry than Photoshop

My 10 Favorite Photography Quotes

I’ve been “collecting” quotes about photography for some time, so when I decided to put together this post with my 10 favorites quotes, it was a lot harder than I

The Power of Keyboard Shortcuts

It seems that Photoshop Beginners are often told not to worry about learning keyboard shortcuts until “later” – that using shortcuts is more “advanced”. To some degree that’s true, but at the

Photoshop: Healing Brush Tips

Folks often “complain” about the results they get from the Healing and Spot Healing Brush tools. In this video Dave gives some tips on how to get the best results from

Experiment in Photoshop for Nine Seconds

I’m a huge believer in the power of experimenting in Photoshop to help discover what’s possible. One of the comments I hear a lot is “I’m too busy to experiment”. Believe me,

Photoshop: The Make Better key

Many years ago I taught a student who had decided to come up with her own names for Photoshop tools – somehow that helped her remember what the tools did. One of

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