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Upping my food lighting game with MagBox

The past several months have been pretty busy for me, but not with the kind of work I’m used to. While I certainly continue to photograph my share of corporate

An introduction to food photography

(Editor’s Note: Photofocus is proud to welcome Serge Ramelli to Photofocus. Be sure to check out his free master class and bonus toolkit). This tutorial is a great way to

10 best props for food photography

I love hunting for props and backgrounds to put in my images. Using color in props is my personal favorite, but was also my first big mistake when I was

Gobble up your favorite food photographs!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to see your best food photographs for our November Photographer of the Day feature! Whether it’s that perfect turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberries

Food Photography in a Working Restaurant

Small restaurants just don’t have the budgets that chains do. Creating a series of photographs for table tents while a restaurant is filed with customers is challenging. It’s also a

Shooting Food with Natural Lighting

One of my favorite photography categories is food and drink. A few years ago, I ran a beer blog and highlighted a “beer of the day,” meaning I had to

Photo of the Day: “First Solid Food”

Category: Family Photograph “First Solid Food” by Jeremy VanderMeer originally shared in the Photofocus Flikr community right here. To learn how your work can be featured on the site, please

Direction of Light for Food Photography

When photographing food, the direction of your light is very important. Certain angles of light will help shape the scene and can also be the difference between a successful image,

Food Photography: No Styling vs. Styling

Guest Post and photo by Styling is something that can really make a big difference in your food images. Heck, its so important in the industry that some people make

Food Photography: Finding Triangles

In food photography, and photography in general, a good fundamental tip on composition is to create or find triangles in your images. Triangles keep the viewers eyes on the photo,

Getting Perfect White Balance with Food Photography

One of the most common challenges I have seen many new food photographers struggle with is getting proper white balance (colors) and also exposure (tones/brightness/contrast) in their food images. When

Food Photography

One thing that I really like to photograph is food. It combines two things I love to do – take photos and cook! Here are some things to keep in