Lightroom is liberating and fun. It gave me back the results I used to get finishing my pictures in the dark room, plus several techniques that I never learned. It’s a great tool. It’s just not enough. I still need photoshop to help me finish the visions I have for my imagery, and there are […]

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onOne’s New Perfect Photo Suite 9 is amazing, but can it replace Photoshop or Lightroom as your main image enhancement software?

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A few months back I wrote an article, “Click Away Digital is Free, or is it?” after my trusty Nikon D700 died. It was replaced with the latest and great D810. The D810 received great reviews and the camera specs are very impressive. So if the D810 is a better camera why were my photos […]

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Too many people work too hard on their workflow. Smartflow takes the work out of Workflow. Dave Cross has been teaching Photoshop since 1990. The Canadian-born educator is well respected by students and fellow instructors. He’s the instructor other instructors turn to for advice. I met Dave many years ago at Photoshop World. This year Photoshop World turns […]

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Professionally, I often use GoPro cameras to capture behind-the-scenes footage and time-lapses of pipeline builds for clients. Personally, I use it as my primary dive camera, at least until I settle on a pro dive rig. For the price, form factor, image quality and general ease of use, it is hard to beat the GoPro […]

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This week’s show features two interviews from different points of view in the photo industry.  We catch up with noted portrait photographer Brian Smith about his work to capture unique images of some of the most photographed subjects in the world.  Then we speak with Bryan O’Neil Hughes to learn about the next generation of digital imaging tools and workflows from Adobe.

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By Rich Harrington — Follow Rich on Twitter At the bottom of the Camera Raw window is an often overlooked bit of text.  Look closely and you’ll see some blue hyperlinked text that declares the color space, bit depth, and resolution settings for the image. Click this bit of text to open up the Workflow Options dialog box […]

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