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Post & Photo by Jerry Ghionis – Follow Jerry on Twitter Camera: Canon EOS 5D Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Focal Length: 135mm ISO: 800 Aperture: f/3.0 Shutter Speed: 1/100 WB: Cloudy Light Source: Daylight I had the honour of photographing the wedding of a couple who were also professional photographers. The bride has twice won the A.I.P.P. Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year and the groom twice won the A.I.P.P. Australian […]

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Many people say they will NEVER do weddings. When I ask them why, they often can’t articulate a reason. I photographed lots of weddings when I was younger and stronger and could carry all sorts of gear around and stay on my feet for 10 hours shooting. I loved doing it. Think about it. Weddings […]

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When I was shooting weddings, there was always one surefire money shot in each wedding – the veil shot. Photographing a bride through her veil is always fun. Lots of photographers shoot close-ups of the bride through her veil, me included. But a more popular shot is to include the groom in the photo and […]

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Post by Rick Sammon – Follow Rick on Twitter.

Here in an excerpt from my recent book, Digital Wedding Photography Secrets, which was illustrated by my friend Stephanie Smith of 831 Photography (

The book mainly features photographs and tips from top wedding photographers; I acted more like an editor than an author (my usual role in producing a book).

Stephanie’s chapter is entitled, The Woman’s Touch.

Okay Stephanie, take it away!

Be Cool, Calm and Collected

My clients tell me all the time that I have a calming influence on them. When everything is crazy and everyone is stressed, I usually remain cool, calm and collected.

In the midst of commotion, a bride or her attendants will ask, “Is this normal?” I assure everyone that all weddings have chaotic moments and stressful ties. Then I suggest that everyone take a deep breath, relax and just enjoy the moment—because it will be gone before they know it.

How can I remain so calm in the midst of the chaos? Well, I’ve been there before … hundreds of times as a wedding photographer. And more importantly, I have been a bride. I have been in those shoes, and I can relate to the butterflies that brides feel in their stomach. I know the anxiety, the excitement, the stress and the relief that they feel now that their wedding day has finally arrived. So when I tell them to relax and enjoy it, they know it is coming from someone who speaks from experience. Continue reading


By Rick Sammon – Follow Rick on Twitter

In this trying economy, almost everyone is looking to save a buck, or make a few extra bucks. That includes me – who faces four years of writing checks, as a very proud and happy dad, to Johns Hopkins University starting this fall.

So when Wiley, one of my publishers, asked me to write a book on wedding photography, I gladly accepted the challenge. I worked with some of the top wedding photographers in the country, getting their best photos, tips, tricks and techniques.

For the book, Digital Wedding Photography Secrets, I acted more like the editor than the author – which was actually great fun.

The book, my 33rd, is geared toward those who want to be weekend wedding photographers, which was actually the original title of the book. It’s jammed packed with
one-page ideas on covering a wedding from start to finish. Chapters include:

*Rick’s Recipe (top tips for great shots)
*Light, Cameras, Computers, Action (wedding photo gear)
*The Studio Shoot (basic lighting set-ups)
*The Weekend Wedding Photographer (from start to finish)
*Pros Share their Secrets (inside info from the pros)
*The Woman’s Touch (a very special chapter)
*The Creative Touch (a must read)
*Photoshop Must-Know Info (Photoshop basics)
*Photoshop Enhancements (Awaken the artist within)

What . . . you think you can’t shoot a wedding? Sure, it is a specialty. However, if you are a good photographer, you can apply the same set of basic shooting skills to
photographing a bride and groom on their special day.

So if you have skills, why not ask local wedding photographers if you could get a gig as the “second photographer” on a wedding? It never hurts to ask – something that I have learned by experience.

What follows is the introduction to the book. As you’ll see, photography is photography – no matter what the specialty. To illustrate my philosophy, I used some wedding photos and some of my travel and studio photographs. My photographs are the right or bottom images. Here comes the . . . bride and groom wedding tips.

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