Life on set can be crazy . . . You’re thinking about the set design, lights, backgrounds, camera settings, models, hair and makeup, pleasing your clients, the art director breathing down your neck, etc. Every time I finish a shoot, I reflect back to find things that might have made the day go a little […]

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Today was rainy, and then it was rainy and windy, but what else can I expect in the winter in the Pacific Northwest? Trouble is, I still have to make a living even when it’s raining. Fortunately, I had a willing client and two tools that helped me make the most of the situation. Twist […]

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Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6mm VR lens @70mm, f/7.1, 1/80s, ISO 800.

White Balance is all about the color of light, and the best reason to shoot RAW is the freedom to adjust the white balance with great power in post production. But what’s up with Lightroom’s White Balance Slider? Why is it backwards? Keep Cool, Like 2000 Kelvin If you’ve shot in RAW, you’ll notice the top white […]

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Speedlights are some of the best tools in my bag. I can set them up in just minutes, and they can really help add dimension to my scene. The only problem with them is power…my 4 speedlights take 4 AA batteries each. That’s 16 batteries each time I want to use my lights. Depending on […]

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Upon unboxing my new Nikon Speedlight SB-900 in Florida this week, I was prompted to adapt the old movie line – “Is that a flash in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

This thing is huge, big, large, enormous, grand – okay you get it – the SB-900 takes up a lot of space. It’s the largest flash head I’ve ever seen from a major camera manufacturer.

Once I got over the shock of the size, it dawned on me that this was a good thing. In most cases involving photography, the larger the light source, the better the light.

But let’s get back to the beginning. Continue reading