Sara France is a successful wedding photographer, Apple Aperture teacher and photographer’s photo accessory designer. I had the pleasure of meeting Sara at Skip’s Summer School in Las Vegas last month. She’s a real go-getter who takes a big bite out of life and absolutely leaves an impression wherever she goes. would like to welcome this month’s interview subject – Sara France.

1 – Scott Bourne: Please tell me how and when you got into photography/Photoshop.

Sara France: I have always loved photography, but from the other side of the lens. I had done a little modeling when I was younger and always loved being photographed. But I never dreamed I could be the one taking the pictures. When the bug hit me, I was still in the stage in life where I was not sure what I wanted to do. I had studied business for a couple years, got tired of college and being broke, and decided it was time to figure it out on my own in the real world. I was working in Sales for technology companies when I had some photography done for me by Monique Feil, an incredible San Diego photographer. I offered to work in her studio and quickly became emersed in the world of photography. I was helping her get organized and doing anything I could just to be around her. Monique took me out on a wedding shoot with her one day to carry her bags. Much to my surprise she handed me a camera and said take some pictures. I remember her saying two things. 1. “Press halfway down to focus and all the way down to shoot.” 2. “Don’t worry, whatever you get is just bonus” Immediately I was hooked, later that night she had to drag me out of that wedding; I was having the time of my life! The next day she called me while she was looking at the film and said, “you have to do this for a living!” I thought she was crazy, but when I went over to her house later she was sitting with another photographer saying “she took this picture too, and this one”. Looking back I realize not how talented I was but how incredibly blessed I was to have someone that selfless and encouraging in my life at that time. She changed my life forever. A couple days later, I went to a local college and bought all the textbooks about photography. I emersed myself in learning the technical aspect of photography and went out every chance I had with any photographer who would let me shoot with them just for the experience. I shot my first wedding on my own a few months later. I saved my very first business card and it is so special to me. It has and image on it from that first wedding that Monique took me to. Those images always take me back to that day when I discovered my passion for photography.

2 – Scott Bourne: What is your favorite photographic location or subject?

Sara France: My favorite subject is easy, couples in love. There is something so powerful about the chemistry and beauty that you have to work with when you are working with a couple that love each other. That is what got me into photography and no mater where I go or what I do I always want to take that incredible scene and add the romance of people in love to it. When it comes to location, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, San Diego. However, I am so stimulated by the beauty I see when I travel to any European country. There is something about the unfamiliar that sparks creativity for me. Some of my favorite places have been Italy, Holland, and Ireland, and of course France. I love them all because they are all so unique to each other. If I had to pick one it would be Italy!

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