Do you want to lift the shadows in your photos? Give me two minutes and I’ll show you the powerful Shadows Highlights Adjustment in Adobe Photoshop. In seconds you can fix exposure problems for just about any image. Can’t see the video?  Click Here. This is just one way to fix exposure problems…. I hope […]

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The weekend is a great time to get organized.  Here’s a quick tip for Apple iPhoto users.  Learn how to add your photos to a Smart Album automatically using parameters like ratings, keywords, locations, or even facial recognition profiles.  This makes it a snap to find things and keeps things organized. ______ This Post Sponsored by: […]

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A lot of photographers are experimenting with video shot on their DSLR cameras.  It’s exciting to explore a new medium and many new projects (both professional and personal) await.  The two biggest challenges though are achieving proper focus and exposure. When you shoot stills, you’re probably used to squinting into the viewfinder to get a […]

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  If you’re in the market for a new camera, it often seems like the number one criteria is megapixels. I’m not saying that this is right, but it’s the one of the few criteria that camera makers think that their customers can understand. I often think there’s a lot of hype with cameras, so […]

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On the latest podcast, we discussed the Refine Edge command in Adobe Photoshop.  This works great if  you are trying to adjust a selection. Join Instructor Richard Harrington as he demonstrates how to use the Refine Edge Command in Adobe Photoshop. Related articles Want Total Control? Run Camera Raw as a Filter in Photoshop Creating […]

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Rich Harrington has a very special guest on this week’s show. We’re joined by Bryan O’Neil Hughes from Adobe.  He’s the Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop and works on many of the projects that Adobe builds for photographers.  What many don’t know is that Bryan has an extensive career in photography as well and that he’s written a handful of books and authored courses to share his love of photography and photo restoration.

This week show answers a ton of questions about how Photoshop gets made.  You’ll learn how Adobe creates dramatic advances that benefit photographers worldwide.

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Greater depth of field.  It’s a quest for many shooters, to be able to achieve critical focus for a subject.  One technique to achieve this is focus stacking, which allows you to take a series of photos captured with different focal depths and merge them together. When shooting, try this approach: If possible, secure the […]

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