When using backlighting in an image, the first thing to decide on the light source. For beauty portraits, I prefer to use natural light, as it has a soft and lovely look to it, but this can easily be accomplished with studio lighting. In this tutorial, images are taken using a very large window diffused by sheer […]

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Sometimes, photographers find themselves in the position where they will need to collaborate with other artists to bring their vision or ideas into fruition. Recently, I’ve delved into the genre of women’s glamour photography and knew that I needed the services of a makeup artist. Trying to find a makeup artist that fits into your vision […]

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Dwayne Wade photographed by Brian Smith

One of the keys to successful portrait photography is learning that the most important buttons you can push are not on your camera.

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Marah sample-3

When it comes to portraits, the slightest change in posing can dramatically change the feel and look of the overall image. It is normal for people to sit with their heads further back, which does not make for an engaging portrait. One of the most simple shifts in your subject’s head position can change everything. […]

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Simeon Rice photographed by Brian Smith for ESPN

When you’re shooting pro athletes, don’t expect to get a lot of time. You can either panic or embrace it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in the midst of a Super Bowl run when ESPN the Magazine sent me to photograph defensive end Simeon Rice. With only a half hour to do so, my job […]

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Featured Image

Silver and white adds light to a scene whereas Black absorbs light, giving an illusion of taking light away. This is know as negative fill. Here’s a quick tip on using negative fill in photography.

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This week’s show features two interviews from different points of view in the photo industry.  We catch up with noted portrait photographer Brian Smith about his work to capture unique images of some of the most photographed subjects in the world.  Then we speak with Bryan O’Neil Hughes to learn about the next generation of digital imaging tools and workflows from Adobe.

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