Here is the new podcast feed: feed:// Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes. This week’s show is both a look back and a look forward with Photofocus founder Scott Bourne.  Scott shares with us the history of Photofocus. We also talk through his upcoming plans and […]

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It’s hard not to love her.  And it’s even harder not to appreciate her work.  Even though her portfolio might be filled with dark, engaging and heavy components of emotion, you won’t necessarily feel those same characteristics when you meet her. Just as we discussed in her podcast interview,  she aims to create magical and engaging new […]

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Adam Elmakias is known to his fan base as being very “cool.”  Or depending on your generational preference, you could also call him “hip,” “swell,” or even “bitchin’.” I prefer to call him a friend who has honed in some ridiculous photographic skills. His passion for music and apparent connection he has with his audience […]

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When it comes to running a photography business, there are different areas that must be managed in order to be a profitable and successful business owner.  Marketing, shooting, self-education, administrative duties, selling, collecting, and of course, editing are just a mentionable few.  Pile on some time to eat, sleep, socialize, exercise and if you have […]

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Rich Harrington has a special guest on this week’s show. We catch up with best-selling author Jeff Revell, creator of the Snapshots to Great Shots series. Jeff is specializes in travel, landscape, urban, and nature photography. Rich and Jeff discuss: What matters most when buying a new camera. What are the coolest new features to show up […]

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Rich Harrington has a very special guest on this week’s show. We’re joined by Bryan O’Neil Hughes from Adobe.  He’s the Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop and works on many of the projects that Adobe builds for photographers.  What many don’t know is that Bryan has an extensive career in photography as well and that he’s written a handful of books and authored courses to share his love of photography and photo restoration.

This week show answers a ton of questions about how Photoshop gets made.  You’ll learn how Adobe creates dramatic advances that benefit photographers worldwide.

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NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE: The Photofocus Podcast Feed HAS CHANGED! Here is the new feed: feed:// Get the show here  or get it on iTunes PLEASE BE PATIENT – OUR SERVERS SEE LARGE LOADS ON PUBLISHING DAYS. THE DOWNLOADS MAY GO SLOWLY BUT THEY WILL FINISH. Join Rich and Scott as they talk about a bunch […]

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