“I learned from looking at his (Ansel Adams) work the places he loved the most, and where he spent the most time, was where he did his best work. I learned from him that you have to love what you photograph, and you have to give it time.”

 Ion Zupce

I am an artist. I am here to live out loud.

 Emile Zola

When I confront issues that make me feel vulnerable I know I’m doing something right.

 Donovan Wylie

Being an artist, I had an artist’s instincts….You can see the picture before it’s taken; then it’s up to you to get the camera to see.

 James Van Der Zee

I don’t do reality well. I have to romanticize things. I dream up images and I shoot them – fantasies and escapism. If I can’t feel the image, it won’t work.

 James B. Wood

I’m paid to be lucky and that means making your own luck – getting yourself in the right position, in front of the right subject at the right time, and in the right light.

 Michael Yamashita 

“Pictures deface walls more often than they decorate them.”

 William Wordsworth